Sophia's Color

What color is the ocean? What color is the sky? I see them as blue, yet these are reflections of light that I see. Chemical interactions, the scientists say. From far off, the ocean appears deep blue with the light blue color of the sky reflected in Her face. From far off, the sky appears sky blue. Yet, as I walk to the water's edge, the waters of the ocean become a brownish-grey. I then touch the water. I splash in it. I take the waters in my hand. These living waters become clear in my hand. The same with the sky. The blue before me is illusionary. As I walk through the blue sky and breathe Her into myself, I see only Clarity.

It's the same with Sophia. From far off, She appears black. Or, She appears as white light. Or, She appears as a whole spectrum of colors. These are Her reflected colors... they are reflections of our own musings about Her. Yet, when we nurse at Her breast, or hold Her spiritual essence in our heart, She becomes clear. Hence, she is Clarity, or Clare. And as Clarity reflects nothing, but is nothing but Herself in Her Essence, She has no color at all.

Though She is nothing, it is towards Her, Clarity, that we all do strive.

29 Oct 2001

What the Mystics Say

A rod points to water
As this phallus points to Her
All this is metaphor
For the way that's always been.

Mystics through the ages
Say the same thing.
"Live in the moment, baby
For it's the only place you've ever been"

"0" is the ground of existence,
"1" is Her first fruit
Being nowhere is to be now-here
Float timeless in the space within.

These words appear on this paper
Like boats in a watery sound.
Is there really any "0" known
Unless "1" comes around?

24 Dec 2003


Burl B. Hall

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