Divine Union

Divine Union
Art by Montserrat
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~ Forsake Not ~

I seek 'The Way' " I AM " Completion... Wholeness.... TRUTH I blessedly found My place, I almost lost in this Time of Maya... built not of ONE*LIGHT, but of fragments shattered shaded mirrors, a trillion-ed sparkling shards of light each a reflection, Souls searching outwardly, tripping over, by-pass-ing ~ INNER*TRUTH ~ for -meister-morphic surface gnosis*crazy wisdom. Holy ego run amuck, still craving Completion. Veiled eyes ~junction-ing the ~Many Pillars Within~ side-ways for the favored Tower outwards ~locking some ~Temple Doors Within~ instead of knocking gently on a Door of Light or peeking in a ~Rainbow Soul Window~ reverently, in peace ~burning some ~Inner Wisdom Scrolls~ in the fires of mistakeness in favor of one "Holy Book" on one lone altar O thou dimly seeing... The priestess watches with your *Holy Eyes* and cries The priest breathes with your *Holy Breath* and sighs as You trample your own Holy Garden Sanctuary of " I AM " to only inhale the fragrance of one Holy Bloom amongst *Many* Love*Light Miracle Blooms. *ALL* Lovingly rooted from "Great Mother's Arms" and Flowering Forth with *Her* Joy and Bliss For Your Sake.. Seek This Delight where you feel *HER LOVE* planting roots in your heart and mind Create your ~Inner Temple~ and Till your *Holy Garden* and let *HER* Build it with you ! As Friend and Companion ~Two halves of One Heart~ made whole again.. Born of Longing Resting in Peace Soaring in Bliss Joyful with Love...

~by Rita Adan
copyright 12/25/05

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