The Angel Of Splendour

The Angel Of Splendour
Art by Jean Delville

~ Bliss ~

Stars pass into nightime skies Sleep beckons the seedling "Wish!" to bloom into dreamscape. I am walking upon a vast plentitude of my own beingness Spiraling up and out, yet steady and forward on "I Am" melody plays softly, whispering "Dance, dance in the Light!" And I dance and I swirl till I am standing on Highest Looking into Beauty and Splendor for my Birthright of Light! Magdalen calls us ALL to dance into ourselves And reach up higher and higher! Till we reach "Home of our own Heart." "Sit beside me beloved," She says. "I have been here waiting for you, dear sister!" Her eyes smile and suddenly I see my own Self sitting beside Her! Here in Glory Light, a part of Me has been existing all this time! She reaches for my hand, smiling. I step into me~ I see a million Lights glistening, some singing and dancing Praising and delighting in Bliss and Joy. Blessed Great Mother tends Her children lovingly. Suddenly I leap into the forthright of Magdalen's Call And I am running to my Blessed Mother. Her Hands reach out to me, the lost daughter, pulling me forward into my Birthright of Light! Cradling me like a newborn babe Singing softly, She rocks me in Her arms. And Magdalen whispers, "Welcome Home!"

~Rita Adan
Copyright 7/24/06

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