Valentine 2

Valentine 2
Art by Norman E. Masters


you were pregnant possibility
when you were aflush
in the flesh of me...

you are the chalice
of blessings for me,
overflowing with love
from the heart*petals
of my bliss in you.

flow me now...
i am Yours...

you're the one who cares
& it's a good day to be
all we *can* be
with each other...

love*light, love*bright
delight shining in eyes that know
how wonderful it is
to enter, again,
the depths of each other...

lovers to the stars
lovers into forever...
as we fall into each other
in the bared blessings
of this bliss-meshing

you are my sweetness & light
you are my temptation & teasing
you are my dancing & pleasing
you are my passion & release

~~wynn manners

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