Lady Of Dawn

Lady Of Dawn
Art by Norman E. Masters

Lady Of Your House

Hush.  Do you hear her footfall
upon the shimmering of dawn? 
Did you feel the light touch of the maid of magic 
casting spells into the fountain of your sleep? 
In secret she has woven you into her dreams, 
she has untangled your hair from the darkness 
and now as the morning she appears 
opening the gate of your soul to this new day.
All night you have delved with her 
exploring the curve and niche of enchantment 
where the bell of desire rang deep hidden 
in the hollow of that occult embrace. 
The gleaming of her delicate adornments 
have nuzzled your heart into a love song 
that is laid bare as a promise 
in the nativity of this quickening light.
And now the daybreak has gathered together 
particles of a subtle rapture to be her dress 
in the dew and filigree of sunrise 
disclosing twilight in the lacewings of becoming. 
Here in the pre-dawn she walks between the worlds 
remembering for you the trysting of immortal limbs. 
She offers her body into form again, 
an amulet of her spirit in the fields of time.


Eric Ashford


All text Copyright Jan. 1, 2003 by Eric J. Ashford.


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