Dancing Over The Cherry Tree

Dancing Over The Cherry Tree
Art by Montserrat
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Rooted in Her

Enter the inner temple of your soul.
Here, as a childe-reborne -- you *are* whole.

In your wholeness is your holiness.

Her Spirit is moving,
stirring your deepest within.

She *is* your deepest within.

She *is* the collective unconscious,
the anima mundi, the noosphere,
shared centre of spirituality,
all the collective archetypes
of highest potential evolution.

She is *beyond* imagination
!! divine incarnation !!
the Living *Real*
who births the New Wo/manity.

Her Spirit redeems the world.

She is linkage interfusing masculine & feminine,
bridge between the temporal & the eternal,
jo*in*ing of the microcosmic to the macrocosm...

You who are rooted in Her
-- you *love* Her benign Divine Truth,
all the Wisdom of Goddess.

She is our ecstasy; She is our bliss.

Those who spiral inside the insiding,
into the Sacred Silence to rest deeply within,
ever-returning to abide in Her -- these bud
& blossom from being rooted in Eternity Herself
propagating fruits of Her abiding Truth,
fruits of goodness, fruits of
Mother Wisdom's Love.

Living Fruits of Wisdom *are* the fruits
of the Tree of Eternal Life.

*Savor* the sweet nectars of Goddess...
Ambrosia... to quench your spiritual thirst,
heavenly manna to feed your soul's needs...

~~wynn manners

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