Dream Angels


                         ~~ for Angel

wing in to reawaken
the dreaming wonder...

caress your mind
into sublime enchantment...

You stand dreamvigil
beside dreamwaters
where dreamspirits
hover & beckon...

Dreamwaves lap the
dreamshores of your
resurgently passionate heart...

Your soul -- seeking refuge
from all the lonely dreamdeaths
& waking pains--
enters dreamlabyrinths
convoluting thru dreamshadows
of yesteryear...

Dreamflowers whisper
a fragrant wisdom
of dreamvisions
to fulfill the promise
of the lifedream

Dreammeanings mate you
still deeper into
the tantalizing enigma...

Dreamchimes reverberate
thru mindtime
fusing with all the dreamsongs
of your heart's deepest longings...

Dreamflesh emerges
to undress your every
dreamquivering yearning...

Alluring you into dreambirth
beyond this sacrificial earth
where Angels seduce
Eternity, Herself, into
throes of enraptured ecstasy...

Dreamkisses linger in dreambliss
upon your dreamlips quivering
to dreambodies shivering
in shining coalescence,
singing a trill-thrilling

Reeling in dreamwonder,
blitzed across the dreaming galaxies
whirl-twirl-swirling beyond &
beyond all yonders
into dreambright forever

Where stars are dreamlights
shimmering thru dreamcrystals
radiating effervescent rainbows
showering upon mischievous dreamchildren
whose dreamlaughter condenses,
liquescently, into dreamcups,
brimming over...

Drink deeply this dreamwine
-- mixed with starshine! --
dream*metamorphosing into

winging in
to reawaken
the dreaming wonder...

                                   ~~~ Norea St. John

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