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Cave View of Ocean
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My Yes

This world, this universe, with her Nature IS the womb of Sophia. We are fetuses, encompassed by her womb. We do not see Her face to face any more than human fetuses see their mothers, yet She is everywhere-everything-everysource for us, present in and out. The time-space continuum is our umbilical cord to Her through which She nourishes, informs, and cleanses us. It exists solely FOR US. She does not need it, except as She loves and mothers us. When we will be born, we will not need it either, and it will wither away. Cutting it will take nothing from us. Don't try to tell us that in the here/now context of the fetus, however. It is apparently and truly our lifeline. Yet subliminally we already know Her timeless-spaceless wondrous world. It is encapsulated in our very DNA and in that of the ocean in which we are suspended. (Actually, don't try to tell Sophia she doesn't need it either. As a mother I should know better. Since she needs to be our mother, to fulfill Her own nature, She needs it just as we need to give motherlove even after our children are grown and independent of us. We need sex because it is a sacrament of umbilical connection to and from others. The "connection" between sex and pregnancy is not just literal, it is also metaphorical and sacramental.)

Yesterday, I was given a glimpse. Here is what I wrote in my journal: "My walk to the beach with Mariko this morning at sunrise was like a walk outside the dimensions of the time/space continuum. It has been so cold that the waves of the outgoing tide left frozen traces on the sand. Each swirling dance from a previous moment was preserved in hologram just for me to see. In my mind's eye each wave danced again, and my spirit danced with it. The beach was a canvas on which the creative hand of Gaia has left Her signature. She also left inscrutable totems. Sleeping gulls, puffed up to giant size to forestall the cold, squatted immobile like Easter Island statues. They bespoke a liminal reality just beyond my ken, yet resonant with my spirit."

The experience mirrors, in natureform, my social experience yesterday and this morning of finding a community of like-minded people. It too was like stepping into an entirely new, yet entirely familiar dimension. I said I wanted new friends, kindred spirits, and voila, they are here, as close as my fingertips, as expressive as my mind. By what Majesty are such things decreed into being? By what Grace am I here/now to receive, translate, and broadcast them? Are they so only because I am ready for them? Am I ready for them only because they are so? Am I one with them? YES. Oh what gratitude and joy that YES contains! It is a sublime word, a translation, perhaps, of Om.

My yes will feed me today.

Merry Hall

Jan 14, 2001

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