Heart Of The Petalling Radiances

Art by Norman E. Masters

The New Humanity, The Children of Spirit

by Michael Tobin

WE ARE NEVER ALONE! FOR WE ARE MANIFESTATIONS OF SPIRIT in human form. Like the fingers of a hand, we are an inseparable part of a much greater whole. In our case, that Whole is the Whole of All Creation -- the universal Whole of the Cosmic Process.

We do not need to be told that the atoms of our bodies were once part of a long dead star in order to feel "cosmic". At no time and in no way can we ever feel "uncosmic" in our Deeper Selves. For our Deeper Selves are forever experiencing the unspeakable joy of being rooted in a cosmic soil which is the Source of all our Being and Becoming.

Such words are brushed aside by the warped technocratic intellect as "metaphysical speculation". Cut off from his psychic roots, Technocratic Man exists in a limbo. For he is totally unable to experience what real Cosmic living is all about. So alienated has he become from all that is truly meaningful that he is now little more than an intellect gone completely insane -- both morally and medically. There is little doubt that if he is not stopped -- and stopped quickly -- the Mad Technocratic Monster will cause Life on our planet to be snuffed out -- just like a candle... And there will be no one left to even curse the Darkness.

But, while Technocratic Man apparently rules the roost in our world, there are higher -- far Higher -- Powers in the Cosmos than he. Prime among these Powers is the Solar-Age Over-Soul. This is the immediate Source of all Solar-Age development on Planet Earth. However, it does not operate in a mystical fashion. It is not a Being with a magic wand capable of vaporizing Technocratic Man at one stroke. It is not a guardian angel able to protect us from all technocratic harm. Yet it is infinitely more powerful than all the much-vaunted might of the current technocratic world. But this stupendous Power of the Solar-Age Over-Soul requires human beings for it to be actualized. This Cosmic Power exists right now in the Psi-Universe; and it can only be made real so far as the Physical Universe is concerned provided it has human channels to work through.

That is where we come in -- the New Humanity, the Children of Spirit. WE ARE manifestations of Cosmic Spirit, in general. But WE ARE manifestations of the Solar-Age Over-Soul, in particular. And all the Power of this developing Over-Soul is there for us to use -- provided we learn how to draw it and how best to use it.

Before we can draw on this unlimited Power, however, we have to really experience ourselves as the Incarnation of the Solar-Age Over-Soul in physical form. This is what really differentiates the New Humanity from the denizens of the dying Old World at this time. We are a new human species; and, at the same time, we are the expression of a wholly new kind of Psycho-Social Being and Becoming on Planet Earth! But this is a Fact we must be aware of not just in our minds but in the very depths of our total Beings. Because it is only on such a level can we truly come alive -- can we truly experience what we embody -- what we really are. And we have to be dynamically aware of our proper Cosmic identity -- at all times and in all places. Only then can we be as fully ourselves as the current world situation permits.

Let us never forget for a moment that each and every one of us has chosen to incarnate in the flesh of our present bodies at this most critical of moments in Earth history. And when I say this moment I mean NOW. For during these vital middle years of the 1980s the whole basis for the Solar-Age future is being prepared -- not by some esoteric beings but by hard-working human beings who are consciously giving of their full selves in the service of Spirit.

Unlike the gross and crude and vulgar much publicized technological doings of Technocratic Man, the work of these Solar-Age humans does not stand out and appear in any way impressive to the conventional person. And this is our great secret. For the Technocratic Goliath of today sees nothing of value whatsoever in Solar-Age activities. Indeed, he sees us as weaklings worthy only of his contempt... much as the Goliath of the Bible regarded the boy David with his "silly" sling.

Oh yes, together we sure make up the David of today; and appear just as powerless -- but only on the surface. Because just as little David with his sling slew the Goliath of another time so we Solar-Age humans have been given the primary task of playing our indispensable part, together with Mother Nature, in flooring the Technocratic Goliath of today. And we are going to do this not with bombs or swords but with our modern version of David's sling -- Solar-Age Psychic Power.

It works like this. Every person who becomes aware of the real Cosmic reason for her or his existence on the Earth at this time at once becomes a channel of a particular human form through which the Solar-Age Over-Soul can work through. This is not just a physical phenomenon. For it involves the generation of a psychic field of a very special kind on our physical planet. Such a psychic field might well be called the Solar Age Noosphere -- though it is far more than a mere mental envelope around the Earth. And every person who consciously enters the growing arena of Solar-Age development contributes in her or his own unique way to the evolution and growth of this Noosphere. It simply is not possible for discarnate beings to create such a Noosphere. It can only be developed and maintained by Solar-Age beings in physical matter form.

This Solar-Age Noosphere embodies a growing Power in the real sense of the term. And WE can direct this Power in whatever direction we will. Right now, we must set out to make it impossible for Technocratic Man of every flag to "press the proverbial button", so as to speak. Those of us who are becoming versed in psychic matters know how readily electronic systems are subject to psychic interference. We can with practice learn to direct the Solar-Age psychic field in a way that will simply cripple the electronics of Technocratic Man. That is our "sling"; and it can be a most deadly weapon if used with precision and care. To use it requires us, first of all, to put ourselves into a position of quiet and calm. Then, let us visualize a great Big Switch -- the switch which if pressed down will cause the Nuclear Holocaust to start. Then let us visualize the powerful psychic energies of the Solar-Age Noosphere grasping that Switch with an unbreakable Grip. That combined with our tireless efforts for Peace will help to end the ever-present threat of total destruction which hangs large over us today.

Hmmmmm5, Art by Norman E. Masters

In the heart of the Cosmos Burns the Creative Flame.
The Astral Ancients called it:

*** STARFIRE ****

June 1984     No. 3

published at
Harepark, Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland

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