Golden Budding 8

Golden Budding
Art by Norman E. Masters

Your Romantic Life

This life we live can be made worth dying for. What else is there to do but die to the old ways, and to be renewed into the love story of God? I have never seen anything totally living that has not embraced many deaths. How can we be constantly renewed unless we say in our hearts - Each moment I die for life.

This is the beauty of our great romance of mortality. To love unto death and to live forever in that love. To love God enough to see Her in the face of your lover, your friend, and your enemy. To cling to love, as the child of your awakening heart, and walk towards the guns of fear with such romance that God loves the sheer attractiveness of you.

Such romantic hearts are said to be dreaming within a dream. If so, God loves you enough to dream Her romance in you. Live this dream as if it were your perfect love story. Do not flee from anything that fear can show you; but grow noble and brave. Only love's cowards go to hell. Brave hearts love the saga of their lives, teasing death, to walk in the valley of this adventure - shining through.

Your love story is the only script worth writing. Like all real stories, it is neither heroic nor mundane. It is your real life lived the best you can. If you make it good enough for love, no matter how earthly it seems, it will become the heaven of your divine nature. It will be your love letter to God. To you.

This life is a legend God opens in you, that She may be the companion of this romance you undertake in Her name. There is no point in waiting for death's climax to free you; the end is no better than the beginning, unless love is your freedom now. Love lives always beyond death; and romance is its path. It is not our purpose to love wisely, but to love well: To love and be foolish, spending our lives as if they were nothing but the love affair of the universe.

Let the scholars of reason define God as they will. It is not our business to define God as other, but to love God in ourselves. A love tale told in us, that we be its green narration, and not a dry library. This is the purpose of life: to walk through death abiding in the heart of love. This our great romance, worth the death of any reality, for the presence of the Beloved.

Live life as a novel. Scribe it well. Bear the child of yourself within you. Life will rise up in your being like a shining tree; and love shall be its blossom. We all have a great romance to write; at the end of each chapter we fall with laughter and tears into the arms of love again.

Be the love song and the singer, and death shall be the door to joy forever. When you see its gray face, say only this, to pass in peace - I love you.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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