Disintegration, Integration

Art by Norman E. Masters

Brother despair and sister depression

Brother despair and sister depression:
     guides, who lead us out     
          of the morass of self 
     guides, who lead us 
          into the wilderness of letting-go.

Only one Self in this world
     with clenched fists and white knuckles
          I would grasp that rampant delusion:
              my own, small self
              my own imagined "self-determining"
              my own willful control of destiny.

I am your manifest: this body-mind-soul unit
     who is able to separate from body-mind-soul, a pseudo self
     who then objectifies them
     who in this violation unleashes all violences.

I am the one who panics and flees peace
     who cleaves to my attachment to self-awareness 
     who would learn to stand in this world, un-self-defined
     who would remember that my imagined self is a construct
          not something that can be controlled.

Frank John Culley

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