Womb Of Cosmos 3

Womb Of Cosmos 3
Art by Norman E. Masters

To InterWeave In You

Our minds grow, together, each of us a part of the Larger Whole, living radiances (living rays, dancing) of the Central Sun... Our spirits inweave, intertwine, in the whole of I AM -- in the holiness of knowing.

There is joy in this... & an abiding bliss...

Our minds come together -- in this communion-of-sharing... &, indeed, baring, pertimes, what is closest in our hearts... & thoughts spark thoughts spark thoughts... what seemed dying embers fuelled *ablaze* again, flames leaping for the sunset, in the twilight hours of our lives, sparks yearning for the stars across the ocean of Night... as Mother Nyx embraces us with a wind from the Void... & we draw nearer to the warmth of each other...

When our own sparks of spirit are mysteriously in contact with Your Spirit, Beloved, how You enflame us with Our Love... thought kindling itself at the fire of Living Thought... wisdom our transparency to You... clear seeing...

i am a pupil, a hollow opening in the Eye of You... my sense of temporality a lens of You... getting glimpses of what You see thru me... This un-me, in reality...

If the stars, themselves, were not organic, in essence of being... light-seeds, fructifying... how could the infinitely complex tissues of all life on this world have come into being?

You, Beloved, are the living link Who inweaves all being... from the microscopic viruses thru dandelion leaves & pine trees, thistles & humanity, cockroaches & doves in flight... each star's living light.

Because You inweave us, inthru our very tissue of being, behind every heartbeat, impetus of every search for all numinous becauses answering every why, we can *know* You.

& how can we truly know ourselves (for Living Mystery looks out every eye) until we deeply know *You*?

~~wynn manners

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