Art by Norman E. Masters

Childe of the Universes

Childe of the Universes merging across the dimensional shift: time is collapsing, infolding; futures & pasts are merging; in this moment there is only *one* moment -- forever *now*.

In the paradigmal shift, all which is of time ceases to be real. When the rejoicing is come, you are no longer able to remember the time of transition that seemed as if it were forever, while amidst it...

All those days that seemed to last forever -- so poignant in their expectancy -- but still unable to let go of the Old Choices -- that the *New* fully *be*. Yet every moment you *could* choose. Every next moment you *could* let go of one choice & choose another.

Resurrection is *not* enough. You must *ascend* beyond the restrictive formations of the past. You feel an inner revulsion to the stagnation that is inherent in the old -- & in those who stand only for the defense of the past, mired into the old delusions.

The past is the sad estate of souls estranged from the Life of Innocence, estranged from the purity of virgin consciousness as Eternal Hope & Fulfillment -- in *Her*.

The old religious formations (formidable in their violence across the millenia) which have spread over the Earth with octopus-like tentacles have already fulfilled their functions; they have done what they came into existence to do. All that could evolve from human consciousness under their sway has been accomplished; now the time has come when they must *change* to become an instrument of tomorrow's truth -- or become the fossils of yesteryear. They have never begotten the Heavenly-on-Earth; thus the old must pass for the New to come fully into being, for the truer Truth to wo/manifest.

You are an intermediary, a consciously awakened one who provides a *link* between the old and the New, more luminous than the old -- for the old is on endless repeat, & is but a shadow of the Divine Knowing, distorted thru the eyes of the corpses of dead dogma. The Luminous Power -- from a simultaneity of above/within enters you thru your own inner receptivity -- in resonance with your responsiveness -- a Living Force that *sees* to express itself most fully *thru* you -- to provide a clear & numinous vision.

~~ wynn manners
Easter Day 2002

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