in your flow

You flow, and in your flow, all flows
 some would have this as 
  Father-flows into Son
  this flow, called Spirit
 some would have this as
  big bang flows 
  to the edge of what is.

I flow, and in my flow, you are
 that I flow, is beyond my say
 how I flow, here I have some say.

You flow me:
 yesterday's me, down river
 tomorrow's, up  river
 today's flow is here, is now.

I  flow you
 when I do not try to control
 when I see all my I flows from you
 when each brother co-flows me.

You shift the shape of every shape shifter:
 not one of us but shape shifts continually 
we are given, one to the other
 that we may delight in the ten thousand shifting shapes
no one of us whole
 but all together your fullness. 

I reach out to touch the face of my brother
 it is your face that I touch
when I see my sister
 I see you.

Always a manifest between me and you
 until the day when ten thousand manifests reflect you
on that day your flow reaches the farthest shore
 and there, you wait for it's homecoming.

Frank John Culley

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