Veiling, Unveiling

Photo by Gamaliel Masters

Trembling of the Veil

Temple veil trembles: 
for that moment before it is rent 
from top to bottom ripped open. 

No veiling of sacred from profane 
all always was holy. 

We needed to make this holy, that profane 
this good, that bad. 

On that evening long ago 
all is seen as good & well pleasing. 

What had been Christed, Holy One set apart, pours forth 
an unending torrent sings who we are 
the body's memories, hopes & sensations 
are the full flood of life's fountain.

And what of all our veils 
our averted glances? 
Shall they tremble before your touch 
are we to be bereft of our isolate stance 
shall we walk before you, before each other 
naked bodies clothed 
with knowing life, forgetting good and evil 
shall the logic of our binds be boundless 
and the order of our days, spontaneously wild?

Frank John Culley

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