Brandie Rainbow Abstract

Brandie Rainbow Abstract
Art by Norman E. Masters

Seer*cry, out of the Secrecies

Is the unspoken balance, Beloved, still held in secrecy?
Does our heart live the music without a song to sing?
Can the wind still blowing, spirit-wind thru our minds,
count as being some form of miracle?
Do we court the *is* of this *now*
to find Eden again upon the apple-flavored kiss
from another's lips?

When does the larger loving begin, again?

Were we woven together as a strand,
coming into time, the *un*weaving of our together
taking place in time that we be re-woven,
in a broader weave... fabric of our destiny?

Amidst glyphs of understanding
is full expressiveness *possible*
of the dark, intuitive knowledge?

Inhaling Your fragrances
works a kind of powerful sorcery inside us...
Your becomingness, beckoning...
our own awakening into becoming more wholly
& holily Your taking us beyond all reckonings...

~~wynn manners

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