angel whispers i

what joys are gathered
from delicacy of experience
to speak to the depths of the soul?

the birds are singing
in the tender rain

peace be with you

water of wisdom...
cool and easing...
sweet and satisfying...

flow, wisdom, flow...

there is no grace
like the grace of strength

what greater strength
than the strength of compassion?

tender feelings
awaken the heartspeak

love transforms the soul

what is borne
of the union
of beauty and affection?

the sweet face of infancy...

how long
does innocence abide?

how to become
a child again?

halo of glory, surrounding you
  from radiant core
  of divine beneficience
bless us
  with the deeper significance
  of the wisdom of the ages

wellsprings of infinity
flow from the heart of divinity
can you taste eternity?

what messages are written
in starry heiroglyphics?

these heavens of awesome grandeur:
mystery abides amidst the glory

there was a moment
of deepest reality
sanctified with a single kiss


planted in time's seedfield
hearts' dreams, hearts' tremors, hearts' agonizings
to deepen sensitivity, to bless soft tenderness

what songs
do the angels sing?

what grace, to grow wings?

secret fire
waves of delight
ecstasy of almost unbearable joy

cosmic orgasm!

what is borne from this?

what name
to this dance of life?

what ineffable joy
to whisper "forever..."

~~norea st. john

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