Energy Swirls 2

Energy Swirls 2
Art by Norman E. Masters

All Our Togethernesses

all Our togethernesses remembered
thru deliciously drifting dreams

it will never be forever forgotten
-- our hope of the future
the transcendent ecstasy
remembered, now, thru the inner searchings

o vision of vaster patterns
in the affirmation & the revelation
twinning the knowledges
drowning in the Vision
weaving, joining, mind-flux, dream-touching
thought flowing into thought

i touch Your lucidity

You are the naked flow of *gnosis*
behind the unasked questions

You are the centre of the pattern unfolding
the mindtouch, the hearttouch, the soultouch
touching *in* so *deeply* so sweetly

so awesomely deliciously *tasting* each other,
Sophia, as the mind portals open
& You flow *in* like the Ocean of Eternity
infilling the Infinite I Am!

~~wynn manners
Feb. 13th, 2000

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