The Light of Peace

Peace, this revelation
Peace, this penetration
Peace, thru contemplation
Peace, our rumination
Peace, your meditation

Peace is a perspective, an awareness,
      an ability, emerging.
Peace is a new world aborning.
Peace nourishes budding life.
Peace thrives where love & mercy are the
      song of life's living.

Peace blossoms from the inner stillness
      in a magnificence of light.
In peace the circle is complete.
In peace we harvest the mysterious.

          Peace loves & is loved
          with Light's caress.

Peace begets a closer sense of fellowship.
Peace opens the heart.

A great craving for peace vibrates with the
      vitality of life itself thru every
              heart of love.

A vast Force is the Breath of PeaceLife

Peace is the birth of the Div*in*e in your
      heart -- & in the heart of the world.
Peace comes as radiant energy from the
      Holy Void.

Peace comes with the Infinite Truth --
      when iT's Presence is at the core
      of yOur being.
Peace is the way of co-operative strength
      -- feeding, sheltering, clothing,
         healing each.
Peace comes of the wisdom of the Logos
      of Light.
Peace comes of faithful love, birthing a
      new reality, herenow.
Peace is generated from the Eternal, taking
      on sure growth in the Heart of Faith.

Peace comes from a *change* within.
There's a responsibility to *make* Peace
      -- thru caring this sharing.
You can know, positively, that all bonds
      of true love strengthen the *We*ave
      of our Peace.

Peace comes thru our ability to learn love
      -- in truth & purity, untainted with jealousy.

Begin to understand what changes are necessary
in YOU to attain the wholehearted maturity
of Peace -- growing the new & wonderful.

For YOU, Peace is a nativity -- a surging
re-energization, begetting a new generation.

Growth is the Way.
Peace is the balance.


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