World View Green

World View Green
Art by Norman E. Masters

Sophia Is Pure Sweetness

Meditation on Sophia is to experience pure sweetness. Ambrosia fills the nostrils upon taking in the scents of Her frizzy dark hair. A child of Sophia is one that has good taste and so tastes good. Kissing Sophia means one's heart palpitates in rhythmic contractions that are in synch with the entire universe... in and out, birth, death and rebirth. Death is but a return to the inner chambers of the Heart... Sophia, the Rosary Heart of God.

In modern times, we dichotomize the supernatural from the natural. The supernatural is natural; it is just reflecting events that counter our rationalist, empirical models of reality. This has nothing to do with the senses; for even ghosts are sensed by either the five outer senses or the other inner ones. It has to do with our models of reality.

There is no such thing as supernatural... what we call supernatural is natural; it just is not recognized as being natural by our current models of Nature. Nor is God(dess) pitted against what is natural. What is Nature? Nature has two meanings... birds and bees and coconut trees. The snake eating the little birdies... this is Nature. The second meaning of Nature is Essence. The Nature of Merry, the Nature of Burl, of Kim, of Lisa, of Stephanie, of Helene, etc. This Nature is the stripper stripped... it is Nature unveiled in Her Essence. Sophia is Nature in that She is our Self unveiled of all projections. She is us in our naked Essence. We are projected aspects of Herself. Sophia is a multiple personality syndrome... She is one yet many. Sophia in Her unity is the Nature of Nature. She is that timeless/spaceless void in which the Word arises, floats, and dissolves. She is Silence. She is Bliss. She is. Marriage to Her is to move beyond the light and the dark... ignorance and knowledge... male and female.... this and that. Marriage to Sophia is to know nothing as knowing all. Know nothing and one knows everything.

Sophia is pure sweetness. Her taste is sweeter than that of sugar. She is the Essence of Life... the driving force behind all events... Wisdom... the driving force behind all events... Everything that happens in our life is an act of Wisdom. In our narrow-mindedness, this is hard to see. Knowing Her is to deny nothing as separate from Wisdom. I fall to my knees in adoration. Even in my most desperate hours, I write Her name on the fog in the shower stall.


Burl B. Hall

June 23, 2001

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