Heart Of The Cosmos

Heart Of The Cosmos
Art by Norman E. Masters


Sometimes we are called to retune the music of the heart. That a poignant sadness, can once again sweeten us. We should not consider this a contrary movement of our spirit. For the soul knows what it needs, in order to clear the weeds from our path.

The wave crest that glints and flashes in the bright air, knows that the spire of its urgency to be, must inevitably return to the hollowing, where the ocean's impulse rises. Sometimes a simple tune, played on an old fiddle, reminds us that joy is a symphony of many melodies, none more celestial than the other. The love song needs to return to find the earth of this longing, to rediscover the counterpart of a recurring theme.

Love must sing once more a solitary motif, born on the night wind, to be the haunting of itself. Sometimes we need to be homeless in order to be home. To commemorate the passage and passing, of this soul-moving way of the wind, as it plays though the lonely heart.

This ghost dancing with God is a rest and renewal that lovers need, that they find repose in the pause between one movement and another. A sweet abeyance to be the sadness of love in the arms of love. These retreats are a hospice for the heart, that new tendrils of desire can be woven again into a more translucent fugue from the dissolution of unfinished symphonies.

There must be a breaking down of that which can no longer be used, in order for the soul to respond more intimately to the next chord that love creates. Just as the summer unwinds itself to fall, we fall into this recovering rhythm for the regeneration of a sacred flowing.

When the vine of this ardor we have, overgrows itself with too many entanglements, the Gardener levels us nearer to the root, that the fruit that comes forth will be more bearable to Her lovers. This fallowing term is our soul's endearment to its truth. Embrace this disjoining, knowing that the foundation is pregnant with new beginnings. That though the song may be a loneliness in you for a little while, it is a gift you are given, that you can synthesize fresh elation from the music of simplicity.

This returning, is our time to be taken apart in the wind of God's desire. Love must surrender you to the tempo of the soul, to be the music of its transition. This plaintive singing is our abiding power. Do not think it a retreat or a loss. It is re-creation of a divine melody in you that will set you free.

Every soul has a magical place
where the mind can rest
like a raindrop......
This earth lap,
is for love's awakening.
The Beloved has walked
across your flower bed
and left you crying again.
But look- The blooms are still swaying!
Endless prayer.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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