Winged Breasts Oval

Art by Norman E. Masters

Background by Montserrat
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my head upon your bosom

As i lie, half-dreaming, my head upon your bosom, Sophia,
your breasts my pillow of dreams,
all these beloved faces, in & out of time,
pass as images thru my mind...

Where are they now? -- sown like seeds
in a field of stars...

You compensate my soul for the pains of separation
with strains of consolation
as the voices of heaven sing
a music of heart's sweet solace...

In tranquillity of Silence seeping thru my soul
a deep yearning stirs within to turn to embrace
You -- o goddess of the eternitudes --
living Charis of all loving beatitude
blissing the blessing that joy*dances my being.

In the shimmering glow of Your Presence,
withdrawing, You dance away from me, now.

i hear the tiny bells around your ankles,
sweet Shekhina in the silver shining,
blending & shifting with moonshadows,
glimmering & winkling in starglow...

Now You are Living Mystery
upon the face of rippling waters...

~~wynn manners

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