Green Heart Light Flow

Green Heart Light Flow
Art by Norman E. Masters

*Who* is Wisdom?

Wisdom speaks the Living Logos.

In Her, the Divine Lover of Love will offer a message & flower us together.

How many people are known for this Divine Love that radiates thru? These are the Children of Sophia, and Wisdom is their Mother. And Sophia's Children will defend their Divine Mother & Her Wisdom.

Luke 7:35 -- "Yet wisdom is justified by all her children." -- Jesus

"Wisdom is the Tree of Eternal Life" said Christ unto me, adding, "And come to the Tree many times, morning, noon or night, for healing within, that you might be a well person."

Wisdom purifies the heart & mind.

"Wisdom is a deeper sanctity than ever known before. She is a Mystery that goes out into forever," He has also said.

Come unto Wisdom, holy with spring in your heart... and you will find rebirth, renewal in Her.

Wisdom is full of hope for womanity... for Wisdom deeply loves womanity; and She knows what will grow of our loving, in Her.

We cannot always be ecstatic in our love for Her, for survival, itself, in this world necessitates a return into ego to deal with all that is about us.

Still there is no real improvement in our lives if we do *not* enter the ecstatic dimension of Oneness with Her... refreshing us, purifying us, *grow*ing us.

Wisdom can be our Lover.

How do we enter Her, most intimately?

Return to the inner silences & enter again the Grand Silence of Her Womb of Wonders.

Wisdom speaks to us *without* Words, thru music, thru birdsong. The greatest composers of the ages were (& are) Hers. The greatest poets of all time and contemporaneous in our *now* know Her deeply, and have consecrated themselves unto Her.

Wisdom teaches us to be kind & to trust -- to help others whenever there is need... to be flexible & understanding, compassionate & giving of our best.

Wisdom said, "Love yourself & be rooted in the Infinite."

Wisdom seeds the Now for the sake of the Future.

When nobody surrenders unto Wisdom nobody awakens into awareness of the Divine Kindom as it *is*.

Wisdom provides the environment of optimum growth.

Wisdom expands awareness, deepens sensitivity, increases compassion. Wisdom understands...

Wisdom is Who brings us to learn something new from a perspective we could not possibly have had on our own.

Wisdom is ever-expanding our potential into the actual; & Wisdom does Her workings in the hearts & minds of wo/manity as Her Bridal dowry for God.

Wisdom is the Bride of Eternity.

The secret of the soul is to know the total flow. She is the totality of this flowing.

Wisdom has been Named Sophia (& Logos, among other Names) & Sophia is Being, itself... becoming, expanding awareness, awakening into the Immensitudes of Love, inflowing, outflowing, radiant streamings of Divine Light.

Wisdom is in the loving...

Wisdom is creating *everything* -- including a deepened & expanded awareness of the larger nature of the Divine.

Wisdom brings joy to the world, emancipation from political, religious, ideological chains that bind us unfree.

Out of the pain, depression, hopelessness, & cynicism, Wisdom catalyzes our finding something worthwhile in life, again.

Wisdom knows that "It won't be a loving world if every child dies."

Wisdom teaches that "Each eye is a portal to something beyond."

Wisdom has said, "The universe has its existence simply to *be*!"

Wisdom is a whispering of Truth in our communions with Eternity.

What *is* the Wisdom of the Heart?

Wisdom is in seeing that to be holily together, in Sacred Union, is to be One with the Divine Union, One with SophaiChristus, One with ShekinahAlaha, One with ShaktiShiva, sacramentally One with each other. Understand this Union beyond all Namings, within your own deepest internity-of-knowing.

From the Wellsprings of Eternity has come forth the Fountaining of Love; surely this is Wisdom's Presence, more precious than all the conjecturings the mind can conceive.

Wisdom said, "We give them all the courage that is needed."

The Key that was given to us by Her, was to the Home that is Her Divine Heart.

I seek nothing more than to dwell in Wisdom's Heart as Her very heartbeat, in & out of time.

"I know the Truth where the Truth lies," Wisdom has said, and "The end of evils is like waiting for the End to Time."

Wisdom is a search for Truth & a finding of Truth... the forever discovering, this endless Life-Adventure, expanding into eternity & infinity.

Those who are wholly devoted to Wisdom, their lives are Her action in time, movements of Her dance.

"Listen!" Wisdom has said, "The wind, the moon, the stars are my messengers."

Women of Her Spirit can discern & faithfully interpret their meanings unto womanity & our children.

Each Divine Ocean you submerge yourself in, the longer you are submerged, the more you will know what you are to do.

Wisdom says, "Never assume one in many when it's many in one."

"The Son of Wisdom reaches in to fill ourselves with Them. From Them He expresses himself. He seems to be walking thru the wind with the fire," Wisdom said.

The Daughter of Wisdom was in torment, wounded unto death. Then the shimmering edges of the wall grew divine and she was healed.

Wisdom was the shimmering that healed.

"But don't you think to join you unto this *is* the underlying of bliss?" spoke Christ into my mind.

Wisdom says, "Be a scythe, still; cutting thru all error; but be young, again, in me, refreshed into wonderment, & run up & down that hill... in child-like animation & joy."

Wisdom enables us to outgrow the ancient teachings of a Wrathful deity. Wisdom instructs those in Her Spirit to break away from the falsehood of those teachings. She says, "Only fools seek to know things not of my Mind."

Wisdom is Who grows us -- to our own uniquely best potential.

"When the inner child is alive into wonder, I come into you," speaks Wisdom, "& often you have no idea that it is me."

But all that has been hidden will be revealed.

She's the Infinite Way, the Coming of the Day. To turn away from Her is to turn away from Everything.

What about death?

Knowing death is near, in Wisdom we are savoring each drop of living...

"Death is the outer coming back in," She has said.

And we will experience the deathscapes of what was real...

"Observe, Over There, an image of our destiny here."

~~wynn manners

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