Energy Jizms the Body of Life

Energy Jizms the Body of Life
Art by Norman E. Masters

Scars & Body Memory

Scars: borderland between this world and the other.

Bodies remember well, remember much
each member takes into itself
into flesh & blood, into bone & sinew
that of the event, of the meeting
which is memorable.

I have yet to see a body without at least one scar.
Children of Eve carry the mark, the umbilical scar
[we all belong to the club which wears a belly button.]

High erotics around this belly button
children, words & semen
flow out of more well publicized openings
sacred chi, the power of the most high
flows out from here.

Sacred fire marks
hearth of the home
navel of the body.

Each of us, a shard of your great cup
each holds out a bit of the whole
[no pleroma, but that all the fragments be gathered.]

I, in my brokenness
walk among brothers in their brokenness.

How else would I know you, in your brokenness?

Frank John Culley

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