Sparrow, from CHINESE FOLK DESIGNS compiled by W. M. Hawley

ddj64, Wet-Nurse
To All Beings

       A wet-nurse to all beings
       treasuring each tender shoot
       caring about nothing, yet helping all along the path 
       kneeling before & washing the feet of each
       returning to the place before desire, before all learning
       returning to the unnamed place, through many winding ways
       being here, waiting, with soul singing with harmony
       as the end comes, full of care & patience
       when success knocks on our door, cautious.

ddj69, Mother-Love

       A strong man's treasure is mother-love
       [hidden in his sacrificial bronze bowl]
       his bared arm nurtures what comes to him
       moving forward from stillness
       he walks as guest, not master, upon the earth.

there is a wonderful play on the images of the bronze sacrificial bowl which contains the individual's power & authority: for this is a great treasure...and the treasure of mother-love, [tz'u,] which is corrupted into compassion and mercy.

moving forward from stillness is a particular form of wu wei = wei hsing wu hsing.

Frank John Culley

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