Entering The Fire

Entering The Fire
Art by Norman E. Masters

You are the alchemy
of change, Beloved

In You is the greater metamorphosis of all
that we *become* all that we can most fully be.

Loving *in* You, loving *as* You,
when our loving is in Your OneHeart
nothing can separate us
from the Body of Your Eternity.

We are blood of Your HeartWholeness,
love*blood circulating thru the Body
of Your Awesomeness...

Life*blood of You flowing thru time,
we would know *all* of You
from *inside* You...

How, then, to see all of You
from outside? You are the deepest Inside
inside all of us, Who *has* no outside!

In-folding, our every perceived "outside"
is still *inside* You!

We are Your dreamchildren, Sophia...
living dreams who are dreaming, ourselves,
whose *own* living dreams are dreaming dreams...
dreams within dreams within dreams within dreams...
all the layerings, inturnings in labyrinthine universes
of Your Infinite Dreams...

We are Your living dream substances.
When dream coalesces with breathing dream,
breathing breath-of-life, dreamlips to dreamlips,
dream-seeding, dream-wombing... dreamchildren are
borne laughing to expand multiverses unending...

~~wynn manners

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