Transitions 6b

Art by Norman E. Masters

This Hope, Reborne...

This Hope, reborne into time *is* the Feminine Divine, begetting compassion, stirring a deepened spiritual awareness; and this awareness, itself, is Her living and loving grace into our lives.

She is the purity of the Light; she is Living Light *alive* into the flesh of *now*... this knowing... this growing...

She is the numinous, all-luminous.

When we are naked before Her, in essence of being, She is the lightstream that caresses every quivering cell of our becoming.

Clothed in Your Light, Beloved -- what ecstasy, this? My whole being is blitzed into bliss as surging waves of delight set me free into beatitude.

The sad estate of souls estranged from a return to a life of innocence, from any sense of inner purity and the eternally virginal... how are they to be redeemed from this? What grace is required to beget Eden's return?

Our hope is in the Virgin Mother of the All -- in the Divine Feminine eVeryHere.

Where -- if not here? When if not now?

For ever we *are* in the here/now.

There is no escaping the here, the now.

Consciousness is here. Consciousness is now. How to escape it?

Awareness, itself, must transmute.

In our *awareness* of the Holy, Your streams of living Light wash over us, cleanse us thru & thru.

In our *awareness*... holy... holy... holy... every heartbeat, every thought, every breath, we are taken more deeply into the Ever of You...

"Abide with me. I am Eternity..."

~~from Inter*Fusions
~~wynn manners

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