Photo from Mazie Lane & Robert O'Hearn

Living Earth

When I walk the Earth

I feel my Mother's skin

Beneath my bare feet.

Oh, my strong Brothers,

Oh, my sweet Sisters,

Feel how alive She is!

I hear Her lifeblood

Rushing down the rivers,

Into the heart of the Ocean.

Do you hear it, too,

Flowing in the streams

And through your veins?

When I gaze at the horizon,

I know the breadth of shoulders

That can bear my burdens.

She embraces us

With infinite compassion,

But do we hug Her back?

Each time you breathe in,

You inhale Her spirit and

Share in Her livelihood.

Every word I breathe is

A hymn of praise to Her,

A blessing on Her trees.

And each time the Sun rises

Or sets, I know my Father

Has stooped to kiss Her.

He loves my Mother,

Defends and supports Her

With every ray of His power.

You have received His blessing.

Does gratitude rise in your heart

Whenever you see His face?

These are truly my Parents.

With my whole heart I will keep

The commandment to honor Them.

Love, Merry Hall
Copyright March 2002

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