Wonder Weave 2

Art by Norman E. Masters


by Michael Tobin

3000 AD: -- A New Humanity inhabits the Solar System. Colonies of human beings are dotted here and there throughout the circum-solar region. It is a multi-dimensional arena in which a great variety of dynamic elements have come together to form what is now a budding Solar-Psycho-Eco System. Both psychic and electronic means are used for communication. Astral travel as well as physical travel plays an increasingly important part in transportation. The old imaginary barriers between the physical universe and the psi-universe of spirit-forms has long disappeared. Humans have learned to live in Eternity. They experience themselves as "psi-stream processes" or "spirits" re-incarnating in physical form as the Divine Design woven into the overall Cosmic Process of the Materialization of Spirit requires. The so-called "dead" are never absent from the lives of the so-called "living". For there is constant and easy communication -- electronically as well as psychically -- between the denizens of both universes. The basis for a fully-fledged "Psi-Commonwealth" embracing the psi- and the physical is being laid. A burgeoning Solar-Age culture, limitless in potential, has reached its late infant phase. Its seeds were set more than a thousand terrestrial years earlier in what is now looked upon as the tiny planetary womb of humankind. That had been a most terrible time. Yet it was also an epoch of the most momentous kind, filled with Promise and Opportunity as well as great social disasters and physical calamities. And in the end the newborn Solar-Age Humanity -- representing the forward thrust of the forces of terrestrial evolution -- won out over the barbarism of Technocratic Man -- while the development of orgone bio-engineering techniques and related Nature-affirmative "know-how" made it possible not alone for the the new humanity to cope with climactic change but even to thrive in weather conditions that eventually completely destroyed the sick society of Technocratic Man.

1984 AD: -- THE STRUGGLE FOR LIFE ESCALATES ON PLANET EARTH. All over the globe today technocratic barbarism is being challenged... by a risen humanity which simply refuses to tolerate the soul-less nightmare world of Technocratic Man. This risen humanity is a radical grassroots movement ranging from those struggling against the evil of technocratic birthing to the more readily visible insurgents who are striving for genuine Peace with true Freedom and real Justice on our stricken planet.

What is happening in these regards today can well be likened to a replay on a gigantic global scale of the old struggle between the early Christians and the Imperial Romans. For modern Technocratic Man is very much an Imperial Roman, only more so. And All Those Who Struggle for Life against Technocratic Fascism -- the real Anti-Christ -- are very much early Christians, only more so.

So let no one have the slightest illusion about the precise nature of the developing struggle for Life on our Planet. It is a gigantic battle between the Forces of Good and the Blackest Evil so far known.

THERE WILL BE NO "SECOND COMING OF CHRIST", at least, not in the form of a great saviour appearing in the heavens. The so-called "Second Coming" is part of an age-old millenarium dream set in motion by disoriented "new agers" during the breaking down of the Roman Empire. It has been resurrected on the grand scale in our epoch by desperate humans drowning in the ocean of confusion and despair which is engulfing the dying Old Patriarchal World whose final product is Technocratic Man. Neither is the Earth raising its "vibration" nor should any notice be taken of related pseudo-scientific nonsense. Another bizarre illusion is that between now and 2000 AD. a series of great disasters will be brought about by the "Hand of God" which will suddenly cause an erring humanity to end its evil ways. It is interesting that such humans cannot stomach the thought of an ice-age in the immediate offing. A grand "cleansing" of the Earth by a big father god up in the sky fits in more readily with their infantile character make-up.

The real Truth is that Mother Nature is "God" and that the "Laws of Nature" are "Divine Laws". And Mother Nature operates in a most leisurely fashion: a million Earth years are but a few seconds in Cosmic Time. Yes, we are going to experience both social and ecological disasters over the coming decades. However, they need to be seen in the context of the five thousand million year evolutionary history of our planet, in the course of which long periods of steady uniform change were interspersed with epochs of radical rapid transformations. In terms of the physical Earth we have now arrived at the end of a 10,000 year long inter-glacial phase. In terms of biological evolution we are witnessing the "old age" stage of the existing Homo sapiens sapiens species. And in terms of psycho-social evolution, we are at the end time of Patriarchal Society. That is why our epoch is so filled with increasingly traumatic upheavals. There is nothing mystical or supernatural about the current trend of events. And all those involved in the Struggle for Life need to face the Facts as they are and understand fully that we create our own Reality & that the nature of the Future depends entirely on ourselves. There is no "big daddy" in the heavens going to make things easy for us with a "clean sweep" of the planet. The cosmic Creative Power -- Nature/Spirit -- is working through us; and it is only through our divinely inspired work that a Solar-Age social order will emerge. This will involve a terrible struggle all along the precipitous way. It will require moral stamina and courage of the highest kind. And it will end successfully only thru the almost superhuman efforts and dedication of those on the side of Life. As for the "second coing": the "psi-stream" or spirit of which Jesus was but one earthly personality has been back on our planet many times since the infamous Crucifixion and once more lives amongst us now in the form of another personality more suited to the very special needs of our epoch.

WE MUST LEARN TO LIVE IN ETERNITY if we are not to be overcome by the mass Fear and Hysteria which is literally paralyzing many people today. But this is possible only for those who are rooted in their depths -- in their Real Selves -- in their "psi-streams" or Spirits: the part of them which re-incarnates time after time in the flesh of physical matter to form a new personality. The person without such roots remains anchored to the Ego of the existing personality. And no such lone Ego can face its extinction. It is only when the Ego experiences itself as an instrument serving the Cosmic functioning of a Total Selfhood can it face its own inevitable annihilation -- only then will the short life of our earthly personalities appear as mere episodes in the eternal life of our deathless "psi-streams", through whose processes of development the greater Cosmic Process of the Materialization of Spirit proceeds on our human level of Being and Becoming.

Hmmmmm5, Art by Norman E. Masters

In the Heart of the Cosmos Burns the Creative Flame.
The Astral Ancients called it: --

)))))))))) STARFIRE ((((((((((

No. 1

January 1984

* * *


(Caroline Kuijper & Michael Tobin)
Harepark, Boyle, County Roscommon, The Republic of Ireland

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