Where is shalom?

Is shalom to be found
   upon the woody slopes,
   beside the gushing river,
   beneath some sacred tree
   in the summer twilight?
   Amidst the anguish of this
   quick-whirling universe swept
   upon tides of vicissitude,
where does shalom live & thrive?

   In the deep undercurrents,
      in the wondercurrents
      of auroral radiance?
         softly swathing love
         with infinite hope
         in the growing child...
         coming of a devotion
         that sets us truly free
         -- awaken*in*ing
         into eternity where time
         & all shadows of destiny,
         all future, all past,
                      are fantasy.
In shalom your eyes open like organic stars
   to the kind light shedding its mystic
   influences inwards, to the center
   of a silent infinitude, listening,
   tasting, feeling the wonder...
Shalom... touching-in with trust...

Shalom... as tangible as the soft light of
           a candle lit in the darkest night
          wondercurrents of love like
          warmlight washing over you
          in waves of sheer delight
          Shalom in perfect felicity
             & the serene peace
          shared between the friends
             of the heart...
          the invisible garment of God/dess
         woven upon the loom
          of your heart...
          the universal here...
          the everlasting now...
          everywhere & forever...
          unfolding like a blossoming bud
          opening a smile
          on spirit's wings...
Hear the sound of shalom
          like bells
          in the gentle stillness...
         the naked deep
         to the flesh of wonder
         -- & wonder of wonders,
         -- light, itself, is weaving
            a garment of love for you!
Like the sunshine of truth
         the peaceful wisdom
         unfolding to you
         the purport & the promise
                             of shalom --
         the truth that wings us
         into the beatific
                   -- o elysian brightness
         of boundless expansions
         where your life is a fire
         on the bosom of the Divine...
         You are clothed only in beauty,
         when you are naked to the bright.
               Deep calls to deep
               across the wrack of time
               & the crack of worlds.
               In rapture & tears
               you melt into morning.
             Your heart ascends upon the
               luminous wings of shalom:
               joy's gentleness & love,
               joy's beauty & radiance...
         Come to shalom in humility of spirit
               & faith in the unfolding
               & the nameless mystery, itself
               will bless miracles,
                                   & birthing
               from rainbow hearts
                           of gentle grace...
Shalom is a seed, deep-hidden
       in all the true-hearted.
       The dew of light falls
       from the eyes of pain...
       o curious penetration...
Heartsprings burble the music of
       freedom, of intimations
       of unutterable joys...
Shalom... this universal force welling
from the source of the deepestSilences...

          singing the songs of the heart
             soaring in joy
          transparent in shining
          blithe into glee & the
          of rollicking hilarity...
          fragrance of roses &
          jasmine, tulips & arnica,
          lime & pine...
          breath of God/dess in the radiance
          of creation, joying in life,
          weaving rainbows thru time
          like angels of light
          bright promise of the sacred
          come to earth, warmlight in
          the heart where love abides,
          rooted into sun*source,
          birthing together the sweet
          fruits of the ripening soul,
          softly shared...
          pure as the dews of morning...
          birthing splendor & dream...
          joy rising from your depths in
          golden gleams of light, in ray-
          d(i)ance of unending nativity:
          moths & hummingbirds & gnats
          & lilies... all these entrances
          into intricacies of wonder!
          voice of heaven
          singing the music of the heart...
          sweet-voiced singer
          in the solitudes of morning:
          your voice a mystery, making love
          to the silences, tickling
          all cheery the windswept sigh...
          like the incense of meditation,
          this fragrance of the divine
          the perfume of your soul
          immersed in love's serenity...
          as waves of warmth wash over you
                   like suntides...
          the pregnant pause...
          the well of peace...
In shalom our days are graced with the
          blessings of earth's bounty...
In shalom there are no boundaries...
          radiant auras fuse in lovejoy...
          tapestry of space
          where silence embroiders
          traceries of light:
          the heiroglyphics
          of the human soul...
          sign of truth
          in a new universe
          where all the stars
          are within our reach...
          enfolding the stars
          into breathless joy, we
          are your starbreath, shalom

     -- shalom your strength & purpose --
          the shining promise
          in your luminous smile...
          your soul's fulfillment,
          your freedom & happiness,
          the truth in your heart
          the blood of your life,
          light of the luminous galaxies
          shining thru your eyes...
          spirit of the gentle...
          ever*renewing vision of the ages...

          nourishing the greenest growth,
          the sweetest fruits,
          the deepening...
And the singer sings *shalom* from the garden
    of the heart, from the groves of devotion,
    from the boundlessness of aspiration in
           the grace of freedom...
     Across the unimaginable lightyears
       your joyous voice sings shalom
            to unknown worlds...
    Starbreaths breathe heaven's blessings
              of light upon you in
         benediction smiling a twinkle
                 winking a yes
              frolicking joy into
               spaces of silence
         Soul-singer in the solitudes:
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