EarthMother, WorldHeart

EarthMother, WorldHeart
Art by Norman E. Masters

Who Blesses?

Who blesses this buzz-of-Spirit into the bud of your being, to blossom you? This is how She carries you into the ascension. It is inner; it is *now*. The ascension is within. Every budding is an ascension from the seed of Her in the womb of Her all-encompassing...

Darkness, too, Her place of nurturing.

Were there no emptiness -- how to be filled? Were the all of you stuffed full of fullness -- new movement would be an eruption -- bursting the container that enshells & establishes form...

When you share Her you bring Her renewing to others... & this leaven of Love expands the loaf of Life. She *is* the leaven of Love; you *are* Her leavening... You are a part of Her; Her elements comprise you. You are of Her Body... & She is *all* of *your* body... & more...

& the movement of Goddess in Time is unhindered. It is only the formations/ limitations of our own conceptualizations that diminish it strictly to the restrictive parameters of our *own* awareness. Her movement goes on regardless, tho unseen by most. Thru all multiplicity, thru all the trans-dimensions, She is moving, fermenting...

You are a movement of time in Her eternity of now. You a movement... She the rest that awaits you. *She* the effervescence in you who move in Her.

Behind all veilings Eternity reveals Her constant Face, serene & welcoming... a hint of *challenge* magickally gleaming in Her Eyes...

Ah! To be waking up fully into Her!

To be tasting a bit of Forever!

To *know* Her Love as the Opening into the eternal World.

You plunge into Her O!

~~wynn manners

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