Flower Crown

Flower Crown
Art by Norman E. Masters
From a photo by Harvey Green

*~ Dream Of Light ~*

Light shines into my dark at times
And I clearly see precious wonders
Laying upon my bed in twilight slumber
I dreamed an echo of beautiful voices far off, then
Issa humming in my ear, saying, "Come with me."
Issa is walking around in my soul playing his flute.
Then a kaliedoscope of my past reflects a split second of colors
And I am in the desert singing and dancing around a campfire
And Issa is there, playing his flute with skill.
My soul blinks.
Then I am in a temple praying with tears falling down my cheeks
Terrified to the utter core of my being.
Suddenly I'm afraid. My soul blinks again.
I come back to my familiar, comfortable bed for a minute.
Then I hear Sophia singing to me so sweetly.
She is singing with the choirs of angels.
They are beckoning me back to join them.
A part of me begins to sing with Her
And I am Golden Light suddenly
One with many others.
Issa is walking around in my soul playing a tune on his flute.
Then He is Golden Light too.
I hear Him his voice say "You will remember this
upon awakening."
This Dream of Light
I feel my soul linger in waves of Bliss
slowly descending
Till I rest in peaceful, quiet sleep
With a smile.

~By Rita Ellis Adan
Copyright 10/8/05

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