Art by Norman E. Masters

In The Closet of Solitude

The very Cosmos is Your undulating dance, Shekhina...

Dressed in the radiant darkness of Your trans*dimensional Mystery
the flow of Your dance is spangled with stars and galaxies...

Will You give me to drink of the dark wine of Andromeda?
What are the Pleiades singing?  O! How the living suns *flame*
their love for You! -- they who are more than cells of Your Living Body
-- for is not each of *us* a living cell of You, microcosming Your Cosmic All?
For how else could we even *know* of You?

Across all the boundless spaces You are the Forever Beloved
who comes unto all womanity (seen or unrecognized)...

What Naming we give You reveals but the parameters of our understanding...

Voice of Living Wisdom, Source of love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness,
You who live forever in deathlessness, chalice of our joys overflowing,
Muse of creative genesis, inSpiriting all visions of the new:

the same stream rising from the unseen springs of Your Depths runs thru all of us,
lives in all, inweaves us together, & in You we abide.  Across the tides of time
-- the pulsing worldheart of wo/manity, seeks the unknown ocean of our being...
Who is *You*...

Mysteriously Your Holy of Holies has been building itself into recognizability;
& as we understand more deeply we realize You have *always* been here,
so often unrecognized -- behind all the mythic Namings, vilified by those
who idolize a fragment-of-seeing, their partiality to but *one* aspect
of Your luminous Being.

& we who are graced with fleeting glimpses behind Your veils... o lustrous benignance,
blissing in the blessing of our experiencing deepening intimations of
Your measureless depths, reflect that if Love is Your Mystery of Mysteries --
what a sweet Mystery to revel in, all aboundingly, in reverence of
Your divine Presence within *each* of *all* -- fountaining forth,
undying, to free us from the last mean envelopments of fear.

11, 12.Feb.2003
~~from "Sacred Fire In The Chamber Of The Heart"

~~wynn manners

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