Her Children

Her Children

Art by Unknown

Evolving The Fullness

In Her Light are to be seen 
*multiple* forms of the Unitary One.
S/He is the totality -- in bodily form -- 
of *all* these forms, simultaneously.

The fullness of the pattern 
is evolving into being, becoming;
the images are becoming wo/manifest.

This divine organization is different 
than worldly organizations;
heirarchy is unnecessary; 
each Divine cell (Awakening) *knows*
-- directly from the guidance of Her Spirit.
Each is in total resonance with Her.
Her *Gnosis* comes from within,
not from any worldly power.

We are the Children of the Divine Planting.

To teach *about* the Perfection
is to beat-about the flaming bush.

It is not to be taught about;
be *consumed* in Her fire of Gnosis!

Perfection comes of Her permeation...
which *is* the rapturing that transforms...

Intimate fusion with Her 
*is* the state of transition;
Her intricate motions in Time 
*are* the Dance of Eternity
womanifesting as multiform activity, 
evolving the fullness.

~~norea st. john
April 15, 28, 2003

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