La Damigella del Santo Graal

La Damigella del Santo Graal
Art by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Once Upon A Timelessness

Once upon a timelessness, Yeshua spoke to Mary Magdalene:

You are the Beloved, in the boundless spaces
of this heart-beating, this soul-speaking...

Supple, in our dancing thru time, into forever,
you look like Eternity, Herself, enfleshed, to me...
joying in your own full freeing into this dance...
for now you can speak what none before
has cared enough to listen to... I woo
your fuller opening unto me -- all! all!
that your heart would bare & share,
all! that your soul would make known
in spirit of purity, disclose to me, now
under the infinite shrine of these stars shining upon us...

Once upon a dream you held a bowl of secrets
cupped reverently in your hands...
& then you buried the secrets & the bowl
for fear others would not understand...

Whisper their meanings into my ear...
as we draw nearer to each other...

I hear! I hear!

~~wynn manners

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