Lotus Of The Eternal Night

Lotus Of The Eternal Night
Art by Jonathon Earl Bower
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The Story Of Creation

by PhiloSophia

Before the beginning of time, beyond time, that is, She was. And Her name was She Who Is, The One Who Is, Sophia, Hokmah, Barbelo, Sapientia, and others.

She existed beyond time, and within the boundaries of time. All moments for Her are like one single instant, that instant being eternity. She was the eternal and infinite abyss, and out of the abyss She rose herself.

In the beginning, She rose out of the abyss of silence, and as She rose, Her thought took form and became the Word, that is, the light of the world and the bringer of light, and Her first breath became the Spirit, that is, the one that gives life from within. And the Word took shape, and the Spirit united them.

And in Her joy, She danced, and She sang, and Her song became the world, and Her dance gave life to all the creatures. And when She had created mankind, She planted a seed of light, a spark, in the heart of each. And as She exhaled, her breath brought them to life, and She called them "My children" and loved them.

And She had also created angels, messengers, and helpers, and they lived in harmony.

And it came to pass, that one of her angels got seized by jealousy, and left Her. And it is him who inflicts all kinds of illnesses, deaths and tragedies on humankind, thinking he is the master of all. But, in reality, all is held in balance by the Mother. And he tried and put a veil between the Mother, and Her children, and taught them selfish pride, cruelty, and greed.

But She, seeing the future, sent Word to teach Her children the way, and bring light, so that they may find the way home. For all is part of the circle of life, and She upholds and protects those that follow Her way, and sends them the Spirit giving life and hope and power from within.

She is the Mother, and She is the Father, and until this day She watches over her children, teaching them Her ways, giving them love, and wisdom.

by TOS [Temple Of Sophia] 2002

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