Spirits II, Shadow Rapids

Spirits II, Shadow Rapids
Art by Jonathon Earl Bowser
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"I AM" - Inspiration

by Sharon Pacione

I AM swimming in the same sea with others who believe that as we change our own vibration, the vibration of the planet changes. So, my goal is to find as many beautiful moments as possible, between what we call birth and death, to perceive love and beauty and joy. This is possible even among the turmoil we see and feel each day. It is especially important to find these moments among the turmoil. Our sanctuary is within each of us. That is where true freedom lives.

The following was written on a beautiful summer day in 1999 on the way home from a pow wow in Ohio. Those drums really touched my heart that day!!! It's interesting to note that when you take the "h" from heart and put it at the end of the word, the word "heart" is changed to "earth!"

We are soooo much more than we've ever been taught that we are. The following poem contains a few examples of this thought that came to me driving home that summer day. I think the wheels of the car were touching the ground, but I couldn't swear to it! :-)


I AM the ebb and flow of creation
I AM geometry exploding perfection
I AM the lotus reaching for sunlight
I AM in love with the passion of being

I AM songbirds greeting the sunrise
I AM a child born of the moment
I AM dew anointing the morning
I AM the holy breath of freedom

I AM the shimmer of lush, green landscapes
I AM a river flowing upstream
I AM a willow dancing with shadows
I AM the open eyes of compassion

I AM the words to the song Imagine
I AM a butterfly aware of the chrysalis
I AM a pink and orange and blue skyline
I AM corn silk stalking light breezes

I AM the outcome of thunder and lightning
I AM clouds bursting forth in the desert
I AM the gold at the end of the rainbow
I AM a meadow of Queen Anne's Lace

I AM the vibrancy and spectrum of color
I AM pipe dreams becoming authentic
I AM the smile behind indigo faces
I AM coyote rejoicing in laughter

I AM the music of Andrea Boccelli
I AM best friends with the rune of joy
I AM a hologram searching for mirrors
I AM Sophia, caretaker of wisdom

I AM the veiled mystery behind time and space
I AM the memory of homeostasis
I AM the granite guardian of silence
I AM a firefly enjoying the sunset

I AM the full moon courting the nighttime
I AM the wish of destiny's star
I AM imagination's inventor
I AM the essence of peace on Earth

I AM an ocean of hidden treasure
I AM the labyrinth's passport to secrets
I AM potential contained in the void
I AM the queen of all heart's desire

I AM a pure crystalline light shaft
I AM the line between genius and madness
I AM a sovereign, immortal being
I AM the gardener, planter of truth

I AM the alpha and the omega
I AM the key to the tree of life
I AM a circle becoming the spiral
I AM eternal, world without end

by Sharon Pacione
July 19, 1999
revised November 6, 2001


Sharon Pacione's poetry list, where a great deal more of her poetry, & that of others, can be read in the archives is:

Queen Anne's Lace 3

Photo by Gamaliel Lane Gardner-Masters

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