Celestial Apparition

Celestial Apparition
Art by Jonathon Earl Bowser
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Copyright 1999
by Melanie J. Carroll

It seemed so long ago now that she had last looked with great joy on the simple things around. A small blue flower, a particularly repulsive creature like a slug, the gentle form of the cumulus clouds above. Simple things all of them, all it seemed without artiface or deep complexity - all so true to themselves, to their innate self, not trying to be other than what they are.

So she looked and smiled and admired and remembered for those few moments what absolute joy there was and is in such a complexity of simplicity.

She looked and laughed and once she started that it seemed she couldn't stop. Still it was good to laugh again as well. She had forgotten also the feeling of pure laughter as well as joy. The way it feels to laugh deep in the soul, to feel again the soft and gentle fall of raindrops as they gently dust the skin in a gentle April shower, how it brings with it the smell of new mown grass and clean earth scents. Oh such simple, beautiful pleasures she thought to herself. And she was glad she had done this this day.

What had caused this change after all this time?

She couldn't quite be sure, for sometimes these things just happen and there is no architect and planning before them. They are just simple acts of being, a movement and a thought that initially had no reason for being but are within themselves the reason for being, minute acts of creation that are brought about just by being or just by the being. Simply that and no more, nothing more complex than that.

But then maybe that's what it was; but she had a feeling there was a bigger truth, a trigger to it this time, a special reason for her joy and being and oh yes, God knew, it was time!

Time to stop just for a moment and see things for what they really are at their simplest of levels before moving on again to the complexity that was life. Oh yes, God knew and he certainly picked his moments. I mean now! here, was the most tumultuous time since first she could recall and she was laughing, admiring things and simplicity with joy when all around complexity surged like a storm ridden tide! Who ever would have thought this was the time to stop and revel in joy? But that's just what she was doing as at the sixth hour darkness descended.

It was a time of joy as she had never known even though death rode that second and pain engrossed the end. A moment to be aware of the simple things that are not simple at all, but that try to be nothing more than they are and that was what was happening here; and she knew it as no other could in that second as the Father gave up his only Son in an act of Wisdom unlike any other since the creation itself.

And she, Wisdom (Sophia) finally saw the whole of meaning in that act and admired the complexity in such simple simplicity as the Word surrendered itself up and Wisdom was from earth again for that short while.

So she admired the small things as only one can who knows they will see them again but not for a while or in the same way. As only one can who was there at the start and at the end.

As only one can who is the Wisdom and the Word of God, and so it was that the ninth hour came upon the land and Jesus cried out "Father into your hands I commit my spirit."

And she stopped laughing as joy left her as he breathed his last and Wisdom (Sophia) who had been the first born of all creation, who had hovered over the waters, left the earth and flew to God's side again to await again the Word that God had uttered, so that in tandem again creation could continue.

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