Golden Ecstasy 4

Golden Ecstasy 4
Art by Norman E. Masters

Beauty's Blossom
of Delight

My soul is a yearning melody
for *You,* Beloved...
Your Love more desireable
than wine to me...

This cup of life
overflows with the Presence
of Your Divine Essence.

You permeate all-thru me;
You *are* the essence of immortality...
blossoming all beauty's being...

If beauty be fleeting
amidst these temporal changes
yet beauty returns, all-abounding...

All the guises of beauty
amidst mutability...

No end to beauty
when we expand our awareness
of all the beauty to be seen...

Those who take heed of beauty,
everyHere beauty is to be seen;
in love of beauty's wonderments
every heart can blossom
love's luminous glories.

o beauty's mortal blossoming of delight
within your bosom of further delights,
your budding heart will know love's fullness
your life, itself, a perfect rose,
petalling in mystic fragrance,


~~wynn manners
October 5, 2004

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