Angel Of Peace

Song of the Heart Ascending

wing me to Her in the Light's delight
o song of the heart ascending...
in the silence... in the reverence...
in wake of inmost dawning light...

sweet Sophia, Divine Mother, Divine Lover,
the calm look from your face written in stars
(Nuit you have been called... and Aphrodite...)
compels me into ecstasy

how can i plumb the depths
of your unfathomable love?

your eyes are profound mystery,
like deep & infinite wells
wellspringing the truths of all being

your womb
is the generation of all-living

your tears, Sophia, are the passionate rain...
& as i enter your embrace you croon your loveWords
in cadences that resound thru the vastness
of the cathedral of the infinite

                                       ~~ wynn manners

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