is dedicated to *YOU*

take, with our blessing,
a bright, faultless vision,
textured of Sunbeams...

take it into the nighttides of your spirit
to shine
with a starlike influence
brightening spiritual awareness with Light
deepening iTs illuminative dimensions of being

you are here to love
& to be loved


with a lively joy


Chapter I

[Note: "iT," "ThaT," "T"]
[are all synonyms]
[meaning the "CHRISTic"]

[What is being transcribed as "T," here, in the original]
[manuscript is actually a cross, extending a bit above]
[& below the lines.]

"Be Blessed"

Blessed are the poor when they have hope
& have faith that their hopes will be fulfilled
and a willingness to work for ThaT fulfillment
with all the strength of their lives.

Blessed are they who see and give mercy a chance.

Blessed are they who do not weary of well-doing,
for they, themselves, are a blessing unto others.

Blessed are those who retain faith, care, and hope,
for they know that their home is here, is now,
and they see the Kingdom as iT is.

Blessed are they who daily thank Heaven
for iTs mercies and blessings.

Blessed are they who hope most, who never cease to expect,
for unto them ThaT comes --- from wiThin.

Blessed are they who are most mild and friendly,
peaceful and virtuous, gentle and noble in tolerance
for they warm the hearts of others, & lift a little
the mountain of Faith.

Blessed are those who are the Good Seed that grow
in the good soil, producing the best fruit.

Be blessed in T*His way and your very presence is a present
to all good people. And you will be greeted
with a beautiful enthusiasm: "Yes, we know you,
you are the Children of the Light!"

Blessed is the Voice that amidst dis-spiritment,
stupidity and contradiction proclaims to us the truths
that set us free, kindling the hope that leads to rejoicing,
stirring the heart to let shine the love
ThaT comes of the Divine wiThin us.

Chapter II

"The Good Word"

The Good Word is a lasting joy,
and comes of the Heart of Goodness,
sharing iTs blessings of Truth
with the pure, the genuine, the simple,
the strong, the wise, and the generous souls
who would see with simple clarity
the beauty in giving and living
hope, joy, love and peace.

The Good Word is heard to the ends of the Earth
and by the humblest of woomen;
iT works the Work of the SpiriT Divine into time;
iT prevails unTo forever.

The Good Word lasts forever
for the Good Word speaks the universal truths.

The Good Word is one with
the Word in your heart of hearts;
and it is from the heart
that you know this Word is True;
for iT speaks to you of the good things of living,
of why we are here,
of the work the Divine would have us do.

The Good Word motivates the Good Work.
In the Good Work our words become one
with the divine substance of things
energized into active reality.

In the Good Work we merge with the soul of the Whole
to do that which is most essential
towards perpetuating a world that lives in peace
and continues to grow in Love.

The Good Work is done for the Divine
& for the Children of the Divine --
whom we cherish with love and praise
that they might grow to full growth in the Light,
seeing the truths of the Divine Life,
speaking these Truths, living these Truths.

Chapter III

"Hard Times Are Necessary"

The present corrupt condition of human society
is a temporary and superficial state;
but its very existence creates the circumstance where
hard times are necessary
for the perfecting of character.

The world will mend
only thru the alchemy of Love.

How many centuries it is to take
depends on how long it takes
to teach the reality of Love's Peace
into the heart of every growing child.

There can never be any more peace
than there are peaceful people.

There is only as much love
as there are loving hearts.

Chapter IV

"To speak truth is to teach truth"

To speak truth is to teach truth;
to teach Truth is to convey a clear and illuminant seeing.

Live the Divine Truth, becoming a universal blessing,
touching grace to all being.

You choose yourself to share
the treasures of the Divine Truth.
Each who loves in ThaT divine luminosity
reaps the happiness of living in an atmosphere
of clarity and beauty that is godlike.

Only purity and sincerity of intent
can make you worthy of the Spirit.
In your total dedication --- which is
consecration unTo the Divine ---
the SpiriT womanifests iTself thru YOU.

Think not the well of ThaT Spirit ever runs dry,
for straightway iT begins to flow again.

All becomes right in our lives
when we fling the doors of our hearts wide open
to ThaT sublime Word-made-flesh.

Let your truth-words be as simple and as resistless
as the thought whose substance you would convey.
Know that there is always potential welcome
for the Words of Divine Truth
for souls ever seek ThaT solace,
ThaT peace, ThaT love.

The Living Word is a balm to the soul that seeks;
and there are blessings in taking its truths to heart.

The Loving Word teaches us that always we may hope,
and that in darkest depression hope iTself is sufficient,
for in our hope we know that good is still possible.

Chapter V

[Note: In the original "Son" is spelled "Sun" but]
[with a cross rooted in the center of the "u" and]
[extended above the line.]

"Hope Is the Door of Faith"

In truth, hope is the door of faith;
and hope is raised through faith to fulfillment.

In faith we know the Son is come;
in faith we perceive a general Heart of Goodness
behind All ThaT is.

In faith we receive life's blessings,
and are grateful for them.

In hope and without fear we come
to love in the Spirit of this divine Son.
Our courage to face life's hardships
is born of our love, our faith, our hope.

In the radiance of the Son's Light
we look around and into this most wonderful vortex of being
with a lucid seeing, bright in hope and heart,
with the enthusiasm of good will energizing us,
feeling at One with all-life,

thankful in our heart for the colors and perfumes of these days,
for the grace of being into touch with each we love,
for the miracle of delicate sensitivity
which enables us to deeply perceive,
for the heart of love which teaches peace,
for the divine truth which frees us and
guides us thru the portals of wisdom,
& for the hope of renewal
which comes with every new dawn.

Chapter VI

[Pronunciation: ]
["he/r" = hee-er]
["s/he" = shee-hee]

"A Grace of Light"

Blessed is the humble woo/man,
so poor that the world's hugest riches are he/rs:
the glory of the sunrise,
the breath of flowers,
the wonder of starlit skies.

Blessed is s/he who is free
to walk into the woods to simply see,
to quietly watch, & simply be,
sure of a nourishing earth
& an overarching sky
That showers its blessings like rain.

Blessed is s/he who sees
the renewal of the Divine's covenant with woo/man
with every rainbow's grace of light.

Happy the woo/man who knows
he/r strength comes always from God,
& thus knows that it is at base divine
& so issues divine to do
the work s/he is talented to do.

S/he lives in peace,
this Sun(shine) of Adamic-Eve,
who has found he/r place in the world,
under the Light of the shining Sun,
tending he/r tasks with an ability to enjoy them,
finding recompense in the doing.

How has s/he found he/r place, he/r peace?
Thru a deepening faith in ThaT Special Providence,
growing stronger year by year, unsubduable, impregnable.

Blessed s/he lives who has recovered he/r freedom,
who in peace of heart already has ThaT which is desired
by so many persons longing to be satisfied.

He/r days are gentle in the Sun --- mellow & ripening --
& even he/r old age is beautiful, for iT
is permeated with a divine awareness & gratefulness
for the sweetness of life's fruits
& the rest that awaits us at the end of the day.

As s/he comes in peace,
so s/he departs in peace,
for s/he knows that life's closing
only promises still another new dawn.

Chapter VII

"This new morning"

This new morning hope immense things.

Detect by its rare light a new star.
See iT and believe iT.
IT gives joyful confirmation
of your hope to guide
humanity with gentle charity,
upholding the good that is possible.

What good is possible?

It is possible to work together
day by day in the Garden of Life,
growing strong & well &
healthy, seeking out His residence,
growing rich wiThin,
loving, helping, understanding,
serving, comforting, meditating,

Hope is a strength.
But hope and ambition can never
come into equilibrium.

Chapter VIII

"Value the young"

Value the young, amidst those days of grace.
Each is unique in form & behavior.

Any child born can BE*COME CHRIST-ined.
Remember that life is dangerous and delicate.

Warm each child's heart; feed body & heart & spirit;
clothe each child against the cold.

Any who searches for wisdom is sure to find it.
Any who hinder them in their search are as blind
as if they had no eyes.

Guiding youth forward is an essential task,
for youth are the hope of morning. They are the golden chain
of continuity, extending the works of this generation of woo/man.

A multitude of young men and women are ever growing up
about us; and there is high promise in those who are able
and tender and true.

Deep, very serious, eternal instincts are at work
in all inquiring minds. It is the serious Word
they seek to hear. They are branches of the
Tree of Life -- growing to bud the growing One.
They become the true woo/men, generous and all-bounteous.

Scattering Seed is infinitely the best plan.
In the hearts of the wise and good --- the simple woo/men --
these Seeds will grow the flowering of the Kin(g)dom.

God-ward striving, contribute to the renewed faith which
must arise from out of the All-Holy --- scattering influences
as Seeds are scattered, to be found flourishing after
a thousand years.

Faith is a concrete thing: not a theory, but a deed.
You live iT. Live for God's sake, with what Faith
you can get. Leave off speaking about Faith. Be silent;
do not speak. Let the Peace that is with you do your
speaking for you.

Chapter IX

"Miracle is ever alive"

Miracle is ever alive -- in us.
The Light shines upon us
grows wiThin us
glows from us
as warm as heartsblood
as warm as the Living Love
ThaT is the FoundaTion of the New World.

ThaT Love is a manifesTaTion of the Divine
into space & time & living flesh.

are the constituency
of ThaT mesh
iT's living flesh
iT's loving womanifestation.

Each of us becomes ThaT Love,
manifest into being,
rooted in faith & hope
(& -- in our together --
universal in scope).

We remain true to ourselves & each other
(all woomen being our sisters,
our brothers, our children);
treating each with love
we continue as faithful Sun(shine)s
of the Divine.

Chapter X

"The heart of heaven"

The heart of heaven
can enter any heart
with Love's divine alchemy.

With T*His entering
the Kin*dom of the Spirit begins
manifest among woo/men
growing a bountiful future.

We are the children of ThaT future,
reborne into wonder --- now.

We are the Children of the Sun,
nurtured by Mother Earth;
tillers of the soil, are we,
holy fools, mystical visionaries
not trying to escape from this world
but intent on beginning
the first steps of its regeneration.

We come to live in joy & freedom,
celebrating with wine & sunshine
& setting our hearts on something higher
kindling our lives afire.

Generations will flower
gentle, loving, faithful
from our bond of brother/sisterhood
into a revitalized woo/manhood
hoping, creating, changing...

Our service is perfect freedom
taking us into the promised land,
growing its paradisical beauty
from the seeds of the heart's pure peace
seeds that spark the exploratory process
of the active imagination
& have lasting effects upon the development
of future generations of woo/men
(& the children of them).

Chapter XI

"Love of life is our inheritance"

In this bright region
awash in God's Light
love of life is our inheritance.

Here we learn, again,
to see as children again
alive & afresh into wonder.

Here we learn to dance & to dream
with a lofty intensity
towards the stars
& the uttermost limits of the universe.

We drink of the long-awaited wine of the Spirit
to stimulate us & uplift our souls
into love & laughter & joy's mellow peace.

When we cannot say iT with a prayer
we can dance iT
with this flesh
of joy's sweet celebration
this matrix which is
the mesh of ourselves
& the SpiriT ThaT is our essence.

We love to bring Love's message of joy
into dancing flesh,
frolicking & gamboling,
singing the recurrent rebirth of the Spirit
into the fields of the holy;
& our Body, iTself, becomes the Garden
which flowers the inner meanings of the soul.

We live to express a faith that sees,
a hope that wills to bring forth
the manifest divine from seed-wiThin,
ThaT Living Spirit dwelling ever wiThin us,

growing us.

Chapter XII

"Hope is the Gift of Heaven"

The Gifts of Life grace our days,
filling these spaces we live to love in.

We receive them -- with thanksgiving --- & use them.

There is much to be grateful for.
We can never be poor when the stars themselves shine hope.

Bright and lovely to wonder upon --- the light of these stars:
they make the universe look friendlier to us.

We are not poor at all when we look upon all that has
been given us: life, love, joy, faith,
this land, pure water, pure air, the bread we eat,
the fruits of our harvest, all that we have earned
with the sweat of our labor
& the sweetness of rest
when our day's work is done.

Chapter XIII

"Our Heart Rejoices"

In the house of life our heart rejoices,
for we live amidst a beauty which never ends,
(though it changes with the seasons).

The seeing eye sees beauty everywhere
in the face of a child,
in pattern of rock & leaves,
in the grace & sway of a lady's walk,
in all the multiform expressions of life
singing the outdoors into utter delight.

We are gifted with the miracle of life.
In this there is much to be grateful for;
and ever there is more to explore.
New discoveries deepen our thanksgiving.

When we look with clear eyes we see
that the blessings of Heaven have already arrived,
and that the consummation that has been promised
since Eden, is here, is now.

The Earth, overall, is verdant
and provides us with life's needs.
Nothing has been laid upon us
that is quite beyond our strength.

Life grows around us like a blooming garden
where we labor to plant our seeds,
tend their growth, and gather their harvest.

When thus we live we feel most alive,
for we are in tune with the season's tides
and feel, intimately, life's blessings,
which beam upon us like sun*gleams.

And even in wild weather, the roughness of life
is made beautiful with rainbows.

Chapter XIV

"Keep A Courageous Heart"

So keep a courageous heart
as beautiful as a child's heart
all-good and all-blessing, trusting
with a faith known only in the purer ages.
In this way, Love & Truth
will abide with you always.

Thus there is still hope.
Life is still tolerable, still absurdly sweet,
still promising renewed growth and depth of experience.

Come, redeem your pledge to the Divine.

Realize what your modest hope is, and more -- fulfill it.
Instantly set about what seems in your power towards
this object --- with renewed enthusiasm. Its result is
yet hidden, but it will produce changed woo/men,
with new aims, producing a bolder and truer living,
uniting manwoomen again --- begetting the blessings
you have hoped-for.

Chapter XV

"Bring Your Light to Shine"

Dear wise woo/men,

gladly bring your light to shine
upon this constellation of manwoomen (& their children)
making known to them the inner riches,
that they might be greatly comforted.

And YOU, too, be greatly comforted with these riches
the sanctities and beauties which you can find all around you
in the miracle of every living, growing being.

The Sun crests the horizon;
& we see thru rifts of cloud
the wider vista before us.

Thus we arrive at the Shores of Light at last,
thanking the Divine Power
ThaT truly has been,
is, & ever-shall-be.