Art by A. Andrew Gonzalez
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open unto me, Living Mystery...

Is it Time or is it Eternity that reveals our deepest being, Beloved?
Or is it *both* in a piquant simultaneity, jizming our innermost essence
so intimately together, so far apart... now i know You... now you are the distant Mystery,
suddenly seemingly so unattainable to my heart's most passionate yearnings...

Void... and infillment... You *are* my firmament -- each moment momentous,
i, in my time, seeking Your timelessness, wanting to penetrate the meanings of Your Eternity,
my soul, itself, womb for Your seeds of divinity, Beloved, as You yang my yin
in all my lingering yen for You...

All that is of Time is encompassed in You;
Your Eternity is a seed of awakening within each of us,
our lives a womb of becoming... each soul a numinous opening, portal of birthing into forever,
yoni of my yearning, yang of time banging Your hymen of light, hymning the splendors
opening to my frenetic groping for a Word, a blessing... this bliss
just to sing into Your depths & quiver in harmonic convergence with Your responsiveness

Do i not want You to *know* me, Beloved, as intimately as i yearn (so deeply) to know *You*?
o open unto me, Living Mystery, in the awesome All of Your endless allure...


~~wynn manners

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