Art by Norman E. Masters
Background by Blue Wolf, link at bottom of page.

       Your Garment of Time

EnLoved in this Loving that is Your Presence within us, Beloved, wonderment is our state-of-being... all these wurlde-whorling designs -- as simple as beauty, as complex as the dance of Your *lila*, as cosmic as your *ananda*, leaves uncurling, nebulae swirling...

Your Spirit as simple as every form, in-forming -- molecules, themselves, still unknown universes -- so barely explored... endlessly waving Forces, microcosmic & macroCosmic, both physical & spiritual -- & amidst these dimensional layers of energy, all these waves of Your Bliss -- our every thought, our every emotion, our memories, all we have imagined, our night*tide dreams, our day*streaming aspirations, each touch -- every human hope & passion *is* a part of the wondrous Whole of You -- Holy in Your Wholeness -- each treasured smitch of becoming -- fullness of knowing this rapturing in You...

These hopes of an evolving humanity, these passions that pulse our hearts & shape our dreams, these thoughts that obsess our minds -- or flit thru so fleetly-gone: on the whole it is wondrous -- this intricate diversity all-simultaneously... such an infinite fabric You weave, Beloved, to clothe, in part, Your Body Gaia -- every human body, every dwelling, every city, a part of Your Garment -- cities of light twinkling in the night -- thought-streams connective... the dreams of the old, dying... the dreams of the newborne renewing, suckling on mothers' milk & Your Love -- each gurgling smile...

The whole of this -- all wondrous: every book of imagination, a part of it, all myth, every thought of humankind across *all* of history, whether recorded or not... every caress -- *all* of this, in more or less perfection, is Your garment of Time, Beloved -- belonging to Your Mystery...

                  ~~wynn manners

           March 25, 2003
           from The Golden Journal

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