EarthAngel, Yearning

YOU Manifest-oh!

Deal constructively with the real questions of pain and human need.

You *can* speak truly -- and meaningfully -- to the depths of affliction, of the needs of the human soul.

Heal the wounded spirit. Soothe the heart of pain. Give balm for all souls too often darkened.

Present the highest and noblest values. Propagate virtues. Take your imagination beyond all limits yet imagined.

Extend the energies of your being into realms beyond thought, touching soul-to-soul, so that many can understand more deeply.

Respect the inner sanctities of each.

Keep in touch with the resonant reality of things. Get the sound and feel of things in this world; explore textures; let these articulate your being.

Begin to see all "enemies" as the secret-Beloved. Teach Love thru loving them. Think not in terms of "enemy". See each as brethren -- each *need*ing love and understanding and compassionate guidance.

Maintain tenderness for the weakest; lift them up -- young and old, cowardly or bold. We can learn from each of them; they teach us mercy, love's need, and how to care more deeply.

The fullness of joy comes when you set a new accelerated pace, making the best use of time and space and talent.

Let your inner strengths be exercised to their fullest. In this way, only, can you grow towards the highest possibilities.

Extend your seeing. Learn to understand new realms you've never really appreciated before.

Make new efforts towards the fulfillment of greatest expectations.

Surpass your own past -- in fruitfulness of invention, in breadth of imagination, in depth of understanding, in heart-to-soul intimacy of human interaction.

The Light of Love shines thru you. The Light of Love is the full*fillment of your own joy's happiness.

In your heart you contain the bud of love for an immature humanity. The dimensions of your humane consciousness will extend when you let the in*dwelling Light expand, growing beyond a shell-encased seed towards the Light of the Sun -- blossoming your being unto its uttermost potentialities.

Be in peace.

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