Ascent Of The Rainbow Light

Art by Norman E. Masters

A Divine Whisper, The Way of Spirit

by Michael Tobin

Not by Physical Might,
Nor by Intellectual Power,
But only by the Way of Spirit
Will the Present Problems of Planet Earth be Solved.

THE SOLAR-AGE IS ON THE POINT OF BEING BORN. So let us prepare ourselves for the Great Coming, for the New Dawn, for the Birth of real Love, Truth, Goodness, Beauty, and Freedom which will make our little Earth a planetary Paradise -- in accordance with the Divine Design.

Already, there exists the Solar-Age Over-Soul in the Psi-Universe of hyper space-time. This is the "spirit" of the coming Solar-Age social order which is preparing to be incarnated in physical form -- which is making ready to express itself through the medium of Solar-Age social units and communities, starting with the simplest and eventually evolving to become highly-developed Solar-Age societies spread out across interplanetary space in every part of the Solar System.

The Solar-Age Over-Soul is truly ready to become manifest in embryonic form as a real psycho-social entity. However, for this to happen, the Solar-Age Over-Soul needs to express itself in and through those humans who are ready and able at this most critical historical moment to consciously become the vehicles for the implementation of the Divine Design. For the Solar-Age will come quietly -- through our hearts -- and its Coming will be announced with a whisper -- a Divine Whisper, insisting in a loving and undemanding way on being heard and acted upon. At this very time, these whispers from the Divine centres of every person on our planet are earnestly urging us to follow the Way of Spirit and allow a higher psycho-social form to come into being. But, alas, most people are spiritually deaf and cannot hear, let alone pay heed to, the Divine whispers from the God-Within their depths. However, that does not mean that the Solar-Age cannot be born. Far from it. For, just as every seed starts with only the tiniest of shoots and rootlets, all it requires is a few humans -- fully alive persons -- to set in motion the actual birth process of the Solar-Age in practice.

The Great News of our time is that each and every single one of us can share in the birth of the Solar-Age by opening oneself fully to the Divine evolutionary thrust currently striving to express itself in Solar-Age form through the newly-evolving Cosmic Humankind -- the "Children of Spirit". Simply by choosing to become a birth channel for the incarnation of the Solar-Age Over-Soul, one will be taking the first step towards the actualization of the Solar-Age in practical form. And thru doing this one will, furthermore, have become a member of the embryonic Solar-Age Terrestrial Commonwealth.

Such a Commonwealth is not something that can or will be organized on the lines of the conventional world. Indeed, its initial form will be of the subjective kind. Because, while it will be a growing Reality and a wholly new realm of Experience in our midst, it will at first be a linking of hearts and minds and souls rather than of physical bodies -- which will come later with local concentrations of Solar-Age humans.

What the coming Solar-Age actually amounts to is the realization of the "kingdom of god" which Jesus of Nazareth spoke about according to the way of thinking of his patriarchal times. For, when Jesus referred to a "heavenly kingdom which was not of this world", he was not talking about some infantile fantasy-world "up in the sky" but about a concrete Reality which only he experienced in those far-off times. This was the Reality of the Solar-Age Over-Soul which was then at an earlier stage of development. However, now that this Over-Soul is in the process of coming into practical Being, it is possible for all those truly living humans with properly functioning body/mind/spirit systems to share in the Jesus experience on a universal scale of becoming co-creators with the Divine in the stupendous evolutionary task of bringing into being what was once called "The Kingdom of God on Earth".

But there is nothing superficial or easy about embarking on such a Cosmic adventure. Because in the present-day soul-less world of Technocratic Man this means literally putting one's life "on the line", so as to speak. It means giving one's loyalties to a new form of social order -- the Solar-Age -- rather than to one's own nation as at present -- with all the manifold consequences which will inevitably follow in the wake of such a choice. For, while one may continue to live in one's familiar surroundings, one's deeper Self will now belong to a far higher Reality. And it is to this higher Spiritual Reality -- the Solar-Age Realm of immanent Spirit in psycho-social form -- that one would feel honour bound to give one's total loyalty to when matters of ultimate concern are at stake. To cope with such an experience successfully, requires humans of the Cosmic kind -- highly evolved "psi-streams" in human form. Yet, at no time, would such persons ever stand alone as in the case of the cruelly martyred Jesus. For the Creative Power of Spirit -- through the intermediary of the Solar-Age Oversoul -- would be expressing itself through them in a manner that humanoids have not experienced up till now. Not alone that, but on the higher and deeper levels of psychic existence each such human would be inseparably inter-linked with all others of the same Solar-Age kind whose growing numbers are already having a profound effect on the delicate psychic fabric enveloping the psycho-social domain. Furthermore, each Solar-Age human would have many "spirit" helpers to "lend a helping hand".

But, in no way, would a Solar-Age Terrestrial Commonwealth be a movement to change the world. For in itself from its initial beginnings it would embody the Solar-Age in the making; and so would be far removed from any so-called revolutionary party or church seeking converts. Humankind need no longer wait for the "revolution" or for the "hereafter". The spiritual bliss of paradise can be ours here on Earth -- if we only allow the Way of Spirit to reign supreme, gloriously supreme, on our homeland planet. So let us, then, initiate the Solar-Age. Let this very day be the day that you consciously declare yourself to be a Solar-Age person -- a Cosmic human fully aware that one is of Spirit -- a crusader in the service of the Divine -- one of a new human breed who are destined to become the self-conscious element of the forces of terrestrial evolution in accordance with the Divine evolutionary Design embodied in the Universal Process.

Hmmmmm5, Art by Norman E. Masters

In the Heart of the Cosmos Burns the Creative Flame.
The Astral Ancients called it: --


April 1984     No. 2

Solar-Age Pathfinders, Harepark, Boyle, County Roscommon, Ireland

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