Musicians In Paradise

Musicians In Paradise
Art by Jonathon Earl Bowser
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The Music Of Inspiration

It is possible to be tone deaf even to the simplest melody; but no one can be completely unmoved by the vibrational rhythm of music in some manner. For even the profoundly deaf feel the resonance and rhythmic shift of music as it passes through them. They are profound indeed.

Music sets energy to dance. The soul, that dance floor of spiritual space, commences to reverberate, seeking harmony with the sound that is heard. When we vibrate in this way, whether the music is sad or merry, the wind, percussion and strings of the heart, reach outwards to conduct the universe. The music touches and breathes within us, and we then set the energy of God to dance to our tune.

God inspires us in this way. She dances with the tone of our feelings. Her universe is orchestrated by each soul that seeks to play its part in the whole symphony of life. Each of us is the master of the Queen's music. Whether we choose for the moment to be a simple reed blown by sacred winds, or an ode to joy chorused by the vivacity of heavenly desire, we open the song book of ourselves for Her.

Just as it is the quality of our feelings that choose what song we sing, so it is the music we offer that returns to us in the fullest score. For inspiration, like love, may only be received when given. First we must seek a tune that asks to be sung more perfectly; then the euphony of divine correspondence rushes to open the heart of each note, revealing the composition of our aspirations.

Inspiration is the inspiring of the music we ourselves create. Harmonious return is the recapitulation of our inner musical workings. Each moment an opus of communication. The profundity of our themes opened by the vision we give to them.

I am translucent in light arterial,
Evanescent in the well-spring.
The bright lungs of the sky
Filled with the animate and void.
Sway laying, root and sap, blood impelling.
I dance in the atom, dance and become,
The lusting kiss of an igniting sun.
In the day-merged mind and healing
Vibrant in minds untamed melding
Resonant in sinew and cell.
At One in the All is well.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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