Art by Norman E. Masters

The Lord's Kiss

The Lord's kiss tantalizes every cell in my body. Kissed by Love, the cells become a shining radiance exploding into the cosmos. My Lord kisses me and I am filled with His Song. Sing praises to the Lord. His first commandment is; "Be nothing and be full."

The Lord's Prayer reads, "Our Father who art in Heaven." Heaven is a feminine name speaking to emptiness as metaphorically reflected in space. Heaven is the Virgin Mother. Just as our Father is in Her, He is in me. I understand the actual translation to the original Aramaic of the prayer is "Daddy who permeates the Mother." Just as Daddy permeates Her, He permeates me. I praise Daddy from the inside out and His Song radiates from my lips. Sing Glory to Daddy for I am pregnant with Love.

Daddy kisses me from the inside out, not from the outside in. My cells radiate the Son from their depths. Donovan's song, "Wear Your Love Like Heaven," sings, "Lord kiss me once more, fill me with song..."

Impregnated by Love I give birth to Song. I am the Muse through which the Father flows. Can I be any more honored than to be realized as Mother to God?


Burl B. Hall

April 28, 2002

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