Golden Budding 5

Art by Norman E. Masters

This Flower Is Love

To flower in existence, be the blossom of your life. It is your own flowering that opens God. This is the light of the world, this opening to love. All must be a bud of contraction before there is an unfolding also. The heart of love must be held in abeyance until the season is ripe. Yet when this sweet desiring impels you to open love's image, hold nothing back. Beauty must flower.

Love is the awakening of your beauty. All lovers mirror this attractiveness; yet the loveliest bloom is the one that opens in the heart of Love itself. All earth flowering is a reflection of this inner becoming, each soul the home of God's open heart. Be patient with yourself. Your flowering is assured, for you have already blossomed in eternity; you need but let that be your truth in this ephemeral field also.

Seeking the One who seeks you is a game that lovers play. Yet this Love is the very breath of God that fills you now. Clasp your hands together to undress your soul for love. Pray this love into appearance; and you shall appear in the morning dressed as the sun. Let this way of intimate devotion replenish your awareness. Have done with the fear that keeps you buried alive beneath a garden of abundance. It is time to be generous with yourself. This God flowering must be given.

Know that you can only give this opening of you. Nothing else is of value. Everything must pass away but this sharing of beauty. When you are this unreserved, this total flowering for just one instant, you will know that this loveliness you have opened shall never pass. You shall have opened your heart in God; and the universe will be the blossom of your joy forever.

If you have been looking
for the way of love,
if you are seeking,
please be advised
that it is in the heart of you
that love is found.

Beautiful one,
do not befriend the image
of the best the world can do.
Find the One who knows
how to love you totally
and make love in Her.

You must give yourself
to this secret wedding ceremony.
There must be this consecration.
This ritual is a necessary illusion
you must undertake
to know that there was never a disunion,
to know that there is only this
drenched ocean of bliss.

This love affair
begins with love letters to the Beloved;
then there is a moving into a shared house.
Then you will lose yourself in this love making;
and there will only be Love
this opening of you.


Eric Ashford

from Dancing With Sophia


All text on this page is Copyrighted 2001 by Eric J. Ashford.


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