Eye Of The Heart's Cosmos

Eye Of The Heart's Cosmos
Art by Norman E. Masters

The Great Adventure

Lady Wisdom is calling to our consciousnesses day by day to access the knowledge hidden deep in our souls.

Who hears Her call?

Her Love makes all things beautiful & breathes divinity into the very dusts we tread -- into the very dusts of stars that our souls animate -- to experience wonder, love, bliss, adventure -- all the nuances of touch & taste, smell & sight -- to create as long as consciousness abides, if only fleeting dreams, still, such splendid visions...

For those who know Her, their own love sings with a voice of tender splendors -- heart poised on eagle's wings above all fears, all cynicism, all sense of being enmeshed in any sordid sham & folly upon the earth.

For Lady Wisdom is the Place of Life; & to bathe in the fire of Her Spirit is to be revivified, to *see* anew & to taste intimations of eternal life.

The secret dream in almost every man's heart is to know, intimately, Goddess Herself, Goddess incarnate.

The secret dream in almost every woman's heart is to *be* Goddess incarnate -- & to be known and loved for her goddesshood.

For a man to *know* Sophia is for a man to know Living Goddess, Herself -- in Essence & in Eternal Spirit. And to be embraced by Sophia is to be embraced into eternal life.

For a woman to become one with the Essence of Sophia is to unveil the beautiful-within, is to reveal the Living Wisdom that has been kept secret thru the patriarchal ages.

Most men would know Her intimately. This deepest yearning is implicate in the very matrix of their being -- for the divine spark that *is* their spiritual essence came of *Her* Essence. Most women -- at the deepest level of their being -- yearn to *be* Her Living Presence awakened into flesh -- that wellspring of Divine Wisdom -- those intensitudes of *full*filling & overflowing love & luminous bliss.

The only way that patriatrchal religions have been able to deal with Her implicate order is to indoctrinate/ hypnotize minds into a delusion -- *diminish*ing her Reality (into a lifeless symbol, a metaphor, a personification) & denying Her very Existence (as if it is possible to have a "Heavenly Father" & a "Son of God" with*out* having a "Heavenly Mother"! & Daughters of Goddess!)

But if "God the Father" (Yahweh/ Jehovah) and Jesus Christ ("God the Son") are ALSO only lifeless metaphors, symbols, personifications (as, indeed, they *have* to be -- if such is so for Goddess & Her daughters) then, indeed, Christianity in acknowledging this, will at least become *consistent* in its teaching!

Either there is Divine Personhood -- or there is NOT Divine Personhood. If there *is*, Sophia Shekhinah *exists* as Goddess -- & Divine Mother of Christ -- & there are not only "sons" of the Divine, but also *daughters* of the Divine.

The blind will continue to follow the blind into the pits of delusions -- whereas those who spiritually SEE will know intimately Her Bliss, as it *is*.

Now is the time when human awareness of Her Presence -- of her Divine Reality -- is increasing. Her Reality is made known, Her Presence is revealed in all Love that abides, in every fruit of Her Living Spirit.

Who dares to unveil Her splendors? Death is the final unveiling.

The New Aeon is begun.

She will change the order of the world -- materially & spiritually -- for the better.

There will be the unbelieving... victims of excessive skepticism, cynicism, spiritual blindness, emotional juvenility, ego-centeredness, false indoctrinations -- who will *not* be able to accept what they have never truly *known*. Such spiritual poverty -- to have never known Her Kiss, Her Bliss, Her Wisdom, Her Heartbeat, Her Embrace, Her Living Spirit... to have never come to the ultimate shrine of Her Holy-of-holies. NOT to know all this *is* the "pit" of spiritual blindness.

But you see with clarity; you come to know Her as the very breath & heartbeat of your living -- as the Love you live & as the Love you receive.

Where the real Love is -- there *She* is. We *know* this with all our heart, with all our mind, with all our soul -- unto the deepest center of our being -- wherein She dwells, as the eternal knowing, as the eternal wellsprings of living water.

To know that all genuine Love is Her Divine Presence is to remove one of Her Veils.

Your mind will be a clear mirror, reflecting Her Yonder...

Coming into Time thru this Aeon of Changes... like a Living Dream reflected in crystal clear water... you will foresee Her Wonders yet-to-be.

Have full faith in all that She blesses you to see. For you it will be an adventure into Divine Truth. It is the Great Venture for which all your lifetimes -- unto this very moment -- have been in preparation.

11. July. 2003
~~wynn manners

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