Nadia Starborn

Nadia Starborn

Art by Norman E. Masters

From a photo of Pennuscha Portacova
taken by David Morningstar
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She is the Creating Power

She is the Creating Power I AM
Who gives radiance inthru
the entirety of what we do.

Mysteriously has Her Holy of Holies
grown from a seed of seeming-nothing
to an expansiveness encompassing
all Being, Becoming.

Within our own mysterious depths
reverance wells up
in the face of this wonder,
leaving behind all lean lineaments of fear.

She lives and has Her Being
as the seed of divinity within each human,
for the I AM She Is the matrix of matter, itself,
complexifying, reflecting upon itself
unto Highest Consciousnesses that can be evolved
thru noogenesis and metamorphosis 
of I AM Becoming...

~~norea st. john
October 25, 2003

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